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  • Sizes: 5.1 / 5.6 / 6.1

Loftsails’ Speed Blades are dedicated speed designs that have consistently broken the “50-knot barrier”. Loftsails Speed Blades won events such as the prestigious Luderitz-Canal challenge in Namibia. Speed Blades are developed with Speedsailing legend Erik Beale, Loftsails’ Speed Team and Speed Product Manager. Similar to Racing Blades in design, Speed Blades are tuned with slightly more upper leech release to suit downwind courses typical of serious speed sailing courses.


  • Internal vertical and horizontal Kevlar strip applications at cams– defines the profile and augments stability.
  • Blade mast-pocket construction features mast panel and 2 mil triax xply mast-pocket sides (3 layers) that are tensioned directly (all 3 layers under tack pulley webbings)– therefore downhaul tension is equalized between the mast panel and the mast pocket resulting in the Speed Blade’s firm, clean, easy-rotating leading edge.
  • 4 mil Dimension Polyant monofilm body panels – proven superior performance.
  • Tubed battens with varying carbon content according to performance. The top 3 are specialized 100% carbon tubes Carbon tubes deliver superior stiffness to maximize stability for your upper end.
  • Unique Sdm and Rdm mast compatibility. Tekcam2 Large (installed) and Reduced (in sailbag) included with all sizes.
  • Metallic cam interfaces– MCIs eliminate contact point degradation characteristic of cam designs without MCIs.
  • Xply batten pockets that alternate sail sides... using similar material for the batten pocket as the body material minimizes the asymmetric character of applied batten pockets. Pockets made of laminates allow the batten to be centred. These features combine to maintain rotation symmetry. In contrast, same-side dacron pockets promote asymmetrical rotation.
  • Neoprene boom cutout with dual zippers– the rig is streamlined for improved speeds.
  • RDM/SDM compatible – Both mast types fully compatible to maximize your windsurfing experience.
  • 7 mil monofilm vertical internal panel (inside mast-pocket)– profile stability


Wind vision is performance greater than the sum of the parts the board, the rider and the rig become life-like windsurfing at its best! Loftsails designs are alive, breathing, living, with performance available from the rig in all conditions. Forward sail profile orientation, high skin tension and a soft-twisting, exhausting leech work together to produce life-like rigs that expand performance and wind range.

Living, breathing designs are characterized by trim reactivity:

  • Soft trim raises the power centre; powering-up the rig in light winds.
  • ?Hard trim lowers the power centre; streamlining the rig for strong winds.


With each sail rotation, cam designs without MCIs will experience cam-to-sail contact point degradation.

Loftsails exclusive MCIs work with our Teckam system to eliminate such deterioration to maintain a clean, efficient leading edge. To soften rotation, MCI removal is an easy option.


Simple, functional, light, adjustable, durable The Loftsails Reduced and Large Tekcam2s allow both Sdm & Rdm mast compatibility for Racing Blades.

No other brand has it. Our Tekcam2 system expands performance possibilities by allowing riders to choose the mast of their choice sdms are well suited to larger sail sizes, larger riders and flat water, while rdms are well suited to smaller riders, smaller sizes and rough conditions.

Tekcam2s are new, designed with a larger footprint on the mast, longer rollers and larger contact areas above and below the rollers.


IPC - Loftsails simple, effective, exclusive construction technique. At the sail corners, panels are overlapped creating radial extensions into the sail body.

The head and tack corners on all Loftsails designs share this feature. The SpeedBlade clew is also included IPC- the seams that extend into the sail body from under the clew allow the “boomzone” panels to extend under the clew eyelet. This creates an integrated two-ply that radiates into the sail body.


All materials are 1st quality: Loftsails engineers their sails with specialized mast pocket styles, state-of-the-art triaxial and bi-axial laminates, woven polyesters in varying weights and finishings.

Loftsails are produced with progressive construction techniques: multiple scrim- adhesive reinforcements, 5-layer glued seams, extruded PVC edge and batten wear guards, molded batten end wear studs details that produce state-of-the-art sails.

Loftsails hardware is also exclusive: multi-sectioned batten systems (rods and tubes) with location-specific carbon content, precision-ground profile tapers, stainless 3 and 4 roller pulleys and multiple clew eyelets, individual batten tensioning systems top quality components.


Loftsails 2018 batten tensioners- dual side-loops that centre & equalize batten tensioner load to the batten/batten pocket/sail body.


Loftsails builds each Loftsail with specific batten sections and batten tapers to create an optimized internal structure for all our sails.

All Loftsails Blade designs (Racing Blade, Switchblade, Blade FR, Blade RB) include alternate side batten pocket locations on battens that include Tekcam2s. This building technique minimizes the tendency for the sail to prefer one tack over the other. The result is equalized body profiles from one tack to the other, and ease of sail rotation. Part of this technique is the xply batten pockets with 3 strips of scrim applied. Batten pockets that match the sail body regarding stretch character assists in keeping the batten tension centred.

Loftsails are performance-enhanced in the upper end with our advanced, exclusive battens systems you can feel the difference!


Thermo-foam mast/board pad with uphaul port, batten-tensioner key keeper, line pouch and roll-up strap.

Soft PVC foot edge, lower batten pocket & foot 2ply seam protectors.

Soft PVC batten pocket/boom protector applied to batten pocket crossing the boom on Oxygen, Switchblade, Racing Blade, and Blade FR designs.

Molded PVC protectors sewn onto the mast pocket top prevents wear to critical parts while being aerodynamically optimized.


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Evolution never stops, the Speed Blade is evolution in velocity.
Description Size Luff Boom Vario Top Extension Cambers Battens Recommended Mast Weight
Speedblade 5.1 Orange 2018 5.1 m2 384 cm 170 cm Fixed 14 cm 4 9 Team Edition SDM 370 5.21 kg
Speedblade 5.6 Orange 2018 5.6 m2 408 cm 176 cm Fixed 8 cm 4 9 Team Edition SDM 400 5.37 kg
Speedblade 6.1 Orange 2018 6.1 m2 432 cm 178 cm Fixed 32 cm 4 9 Team Edition SDM 400 5.71 kg
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