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EASY / SURF wants you to enjoy your new products as soon as possible. We aim to dispatch your order within 24 hours. 

However the total time needed for delivery depends on:
- the availability of chosen products,
- the delivery option you prefer,
- the country of destination.

Availability of Products

We pay attention to stock as many items as possible. Such products will be ready to be picked up by the delivery service in roughly 24 hours. They are always marked with:

"Ready for shipment: 24 hours"

Note on "Ready for shipment: 24 hours": If your order was placed in the morning, it is likely to be dispatched even on the same day. If for any reason there is going to be a delay, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Some products are marked with longer availability time, e.g.:

"Ready for shipment: 4-5 working days"

This is the time span that it will likely take until the product can be given to the delivery service. This time span differs between the individual products. This is always the case when we do not have certain products in our warehouse and must order them from our supplier. We can only send the product to you once we have received it.

With some other products we can't give you precise availability time in advance, and we can only tell you once we check it with our suppliers. This is arranged within minutes so please contact our Customer Servise to get fast answer and easily preorder your items.

Shipping Time

This is the time the delivery service needs to bring the packet to you. How long it takes depends on the delivery service and the country of destination. You can find out more about delivery options here

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