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Acting as EASY SURF, we have been helping you to meet your Windsurfing, Kitesurfing or SUP-dreams for many years now. Surfing with us is easy. We provide equipment and you surf!

EASY SURF Shop is a stationary store in Poznań, Poland, in central Europe, but also an e-commerce business. We deal with both retail sale and B2B distribution, supplying Wind/Kite/SUP schools and rentals.

We have been operating on the Polish market since 2001, and for several years we have been actively expanding our activity to foreign markets.

In our offer you will find new and used goods in the following categories: Wetsuits and Co. | Windsurfing | Kitesurfing | SUP | Surfing | Accessories

The most popular brands are: Gaastra Sails, Tabou Boards, Loftsails, Unifiber, Mistral SUP, XCEL, ION, O'neill, F2, Aqua Marina SUP, Bass SUP, Torq Surfboards, Duotone Windsurfing and Duotone Kitesurfing, Fanatic, Crazyfly Kites, Maui Ultra Fins, GA- Kites.

It is clear to us that the key to success is the team. Our company is built by several committed, professional and passionate people. It's easy to meet us whether it's real or online, at every step - from gaining knowledge about products, through selection processes, consulting, assistance in purchasing, to after-sales service.


At EASY SURF, we focus on:
  • Professionalism – if possible, we verify what we sell/offer, based on our in-house tests. We also rely on opinions from our team-riders. We choose the quality and proven brands, but the CUSTOMER and his needs are the most important for us. We advise the best possible equipment based on the client's budget.
  • Customer satisfaction – we strive to ensure that the customer is properly informed at all stages of our service. Starting from purchasing decision to contact and feedback after the transaction. We make a systematic assessment of customer service satisfaction and we take care of product quality verification by getting product comments from customers.
  • Quality – we provide high quality and guarantee of products, having products from the best world brands - appropriately selected and often tested by our team.
  • Honesty – we offer products tailored to our customers needs and budget, keeping in mind the best possible quality and functionality. If we do not have the right equipment, we rather send you to competitive shop or an appropriate distributor.
  • Specialist service – our team consists of experienced KITEsurfing, WINDsurfing, SUP and other water sports experts.
  • Timeliness – we make every effort to ensure that our service and delivery times are consistent with the client's expectations.

Bartek Grzesiek
Founder of the company. Manages, delegates and sets the course of action for the entire EASY SURF. Passionate windsurfer, SUP surfer and future master of kiteboarding ;-)
Ewa Białkowska
Advises and supports the client in decisions. Expert EASY in the area of WIND, KITE or SUP. She will answer, advise, help, teach! She’s been always here.
Łukasz Śniadecki
Products implementation master. All information about the latest products "go through his hands". Windsurfer and the enthusiast of electronic sound.
Łukasz Sokołowski
He deals with shipments, warehouse logistics and sales in a stationary store. When visiting our store, it is impossible not to meet him. He windsurfs, kites, sails on his cat or just goes for his longboard or wake board.
Jakub Janik
A man from special tasks. Supports activities at EASY SURF at various levels from promotion to customer service. Windsurfing competitor, specializing in Formula and Slalom.
Monika Świtakowska
Logistic Guru at EASY. Without her, delivery of equipment, sales and shipping would be impossible. A fan of the sword but windsurfing is one of her favorite sports as well.
Ewa Profaska
A bit of marketing, a bit of UX and a lot of content activities - it's her territories. He creates visions, embraces content, communicates about EASY's activities to the whole world. Kitesurfing is on her “to do” list.
Wojtek Mrowicki
Copywriter and experienced windsurfer and just a surfer. Any news from the SURF world he pours on paper. Take a look at the blog - it's his world!
Krystian Seweryniak
Thanks to him, our website functions as it should. Sometimes he spends 18 hours in front of the screen. Windsurfer and Kitesurfer - the only thing that can distract him from programming is the upcoming wind.

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