Practical Guide to the Aqua Marina SUP boards 2024 Collection

inflatable SUP boards from Aqua Marina in 2024

This year's collection of inflatable SUP boards by Aqua Marina impresses with its variety and multitude of models. Let's take a look at it together to find the answer to the most frequently asked question: "which SUP board to choose?" 

Types of SUP boards

Aqua Marina has been producing inflatable SUP boards for more than a dozen years, consistently improving constructions and exploring the needs of paddlers from around the world. In response, the manufacturer has distinguished categories to help you choose the right SUP: Allround, Allround Advanced, Touring, Family, Kids, Racing and Speciality.

Allround - versatile SUP boards for beginners

Allround is definitely the most popular line, offering stable and user-friendly SUP boards designed for recreational paddling on calm waters. It’s also the most budget-friendly option for those who are just starting their adventure and don’t want to invest in more expensive specialized boards. Bestselling models from this series include Breeze 9’10, Vapor 10’4, Fusion 10’10, and Monster 12’0.

Allround Advanced models serve a similar purpose but differ in more advanced technology and several design solutions. These versatile SUP boards are suitable for individuals with varying levels of experience, perfect for paddlers looking to refine their technique (such as executing smooth 180-degree turns using the kick pad at the stern). Noteworthy models in this category include the Coral 10’2, Beast 10’6, Magma 11’2, and Atlas 12’0.
a young girl on inflatable violet SUP board
It's worth mentioning that all Allround and All-Round Advanced models have the option to mount a kayak seat, which turns our SUP into an inflatable kayak in literally a moment. Its straps can be clipped to special d-rings located on the deck. 

Touring Boards - Choice for Long Expedition Enthusiasts

Touring is an option for those who want to paddle more and faster than on classic all-round boards. Touring models stand out with their shape: they are narrower, longer, and have a more pointed nose, which facilitates gliding through the water even with small waves. They are an ideal choice for paddlers planning long-distance trips, including river excursions. Touring boards come with a touring fin and the option to paddle while seated, similar to a kayak (just equip yourself with an optional seat). Explore the Hyper Touring 11’6 and 12’6, as well as the Coral Touring 11’6 in two feminine colors.
man standing on touring sup board

Family SUP Boards

Family SUP boards belong to a category of larger, multi-person boards. Thanks to their spacious deck, they are perfect for tandem paddling, and sometimes even for 3 or more people. The excellent stability and safety of these multi-person models make them a popular choice for parents who want to take their children on board, as well as couples who enjoy paddling together. Notable models in this category include Super Trip, Super Trip Tandem, and Super Trip View.
parents with a child paddling on an inflatable sup board

SUP Boards for Children

In the Kids category, you’ll find lightweight and user-friendly models like the Vibrant 8'0 —an ideal option for children weighing up to 60 kg who can already paddle independently (under adult supervision!)

Racing SUP Boards

Racing is aimed at paddlers who are looking for a board with a sporty character and focused on sensational performance. For speed enthusiasts, Aqua Marina has prepared the slim, lightweight and incredibly stiff Race 12'6 and Race 14'0 models, and for the most advanced riders - the racing Race Elite 14'0.
two people racing on long inflatable supboards

SUP boards for special tasks

River. For advanced riders who are bored with cruising on calm lakes, the manufacturer has designed a durable and agile SUP Rapid 9'6 board made for wild river rafting, creeks and streams.
Surf. Wave 8'8 model is designed for surf enthusiasts who want to easily ride waves and maneuver through them without losing speed. 3 Thruster fin setup like in classic surfboards.
WindSUP. Just mount a sail to turn a classic SUP into a windsurfing set! Blade 10'6 model with space for a pallet and a sail is an interesting proposition for anyone who, in addition to sailing with a paddle, wants to try their hand at windsurfing. 
Fishing. For fishing enthusiasts, we recommend the Drift 10'10 model - a specialized fishing SUP equipped with two rod holders and the ability to mount a portable seat with a backrest with a built-in touring refrigerator.
man fishing on an inflatable sup board
Yoga/Fitness. Aqua Marina has developed up to 3 dedicated constructions, providing the necessary stability and a comfortable and spacious deck. If you want to practice yoga on a SUP board - be sure to see the Dhyana 10'8 model and the Yoga Dock 9'6. If you are interested in more intensive fitness training get acquainted with the Peace 8'2 inflatable platform.

Accessories for SUP board Aqua Marina

When you decide on an inflatable SUP board from Aqua Marina, you get everything you need to get on the water in a kit! You will pack the board with dedicated accessories in a handy backpack to easily and quickly take it to any spot. Depending on the model, the set of accessories may vary. In addition to complete sets, Aqua Marina also offers: durable SUP paddles and kayak paddles, a wide selection of fins, hand-, foot- and electric pumps, leashes, dry bags and much more.
man pumping an inflatable sup board on the beach

Technologies in Aqua Marina's inflatable SUP boards

The base technology is Drop Stitch, which is the joining of 2 layers of PVC with thousands of densely spaced nylon fibers. Once inflated, the board maintains its shape and has the same pressure and height in all places. Double Stringer found in Advanced models is additional reinforcing PVC strips. Double Layer is found in almost indestructible and very stiff double-layer boards (e.g. Rapid, Wave, Blade). Double Chamber - 2 independent chambers increase the stiffness of the board and feeling of safety in case of damage. Woven Drop Stitch provides great stability and very low weight, which you can experience on the Glow board.

In the article, we've explored the diversity of Aqua Marina SUP boards. Everyone will find something suitable, regardless of their skill level or preferences. Remember that selecting a board depends on your individual needs, paddling style, and planned water activities. Enjoy paddling and discovering new adventures on your SUP board!

Author: Anna Nawrot