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Magma 11'2 is a versatile SUP board from the all-around Advanced collection, so it will be appreciated by those looking for better quality than budget all-round boards. It is great for a family board, for an adult with a child, luggage or a dog. It offers a very good compromise between a long board with large displacement and a smaller SUP that is easier to manoeuvre. It will provide great fun on any water - a calm lake, a meandering river or sea waves.

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Aqua Marina Magma 11'2 was designed from the outset to be a versatile board for rowers of all levels. It's an all-round model with a reinforced construction and increased load capacity that will appeal to those with heavier weights or a parent with a child or dog.

Magma comes from the Advanced series of reinforced boards, which feature a strengthened construction, top quality workmanship and additional features. Thanks to Double Stringer technology, the stiffness of the board has been increased by 20% compared to single layer boards! The use of High Frequency Wealding and Heat Fusion to join the board layers has reduced weight and improved the durability of the model.

On the board you will find a layer of non-slip EVA foam with Diamond Grooving Sand Ripple embossing, which provides excellent grip and protects against slipping. What's more, the Advanced series offers a kick pad at the stern to help perform fast and smooth turns (pivots). The Swift Attach Fin system provides fast installation and removal with a single 'click'.  


The Magma has a RED STRAP™ flat flexible bungee cord system at the bow to carry your luggage safely and comfortably. Another convenience is the ability to fit a kayak seat (to be purchased separately) - you'll find 4 steel D-rings on board for attaching the seat.

Included with the Magma board, you get a 3-piece Aqua Marina Carbon Hybrid Pastel paddle with an adjustment range of 180-220 cm. Thanks to its hybrid construction (a mix of glass fibre and carbon), the paddle is much lighter and stiffer than its aluminium counterparts.

If you're looking for a robust and loadable SUP board - the Magma is sure to appeal to you.

Product highlights

Complete set

In the kit you get everything you need to get on the water! You will pack the board with accessories in a dedicated handy backpack


It will provide fun on any water - a calm lake, a meandering river or sea waves. Great for a family board, for an adult with a child, luggage or a doggie

Robust construction

The inflatable boards of the Advanced collection are extremely durable! The technologies (e.g. Drop Stitch Light, HF Welding and Double Stringer) will allow you to enjoy your paddling adventure for many seasons

The ideal compromise

Magma offers a very good compromise between a long board with large displacement and a smaller SUP that is easier to manoeuvre


Red Strap™ Bungee System

Iconic ultra elastic RED STRAP™ bungee system for effortless cargo securing

Comfort EVA Footpad

Diamond grooving sand-ripple exterior EVA footpad for ultimate grip and comfort

Carry handle

Multiple solid neoprene carry handles for easy transport

Seat D-ring

Extra stainless steel D-rings on deck pad for an optional seat

Swift Attach Fin System

Game-changing patented Swift Attach Fin System (SAFS™) for fast and secure fin attachment

Tail Kick Pad

Bonus built-in tail kick pad allowing smooth maneuvering of cutbacks and turns

Double Stringer Technology

Featuring full compression stringers on both sides to deliver 20% more stiffness and rigidity

Double Stringer Technology

  1. Compression stringers
  2. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  3. Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  4. First PVC rail layer
  5. Second PVC rail layer
  6. Extra rail-band reinforcement
  7. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Circupack™ Backpack

Double Action Pump

Swift Attach Center Fin

Coil Leash


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (l) Max recommended load (kg) Weight (kg) Recommended pressure (psi) Fin box Discipline Kayak option
11'2 / 340 33'' / 84 6'' / 15 340 150 10,5 15 Swift Attach Allround
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