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SUP Paddle Aqua Marina Carbon Y 3-piece
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SUP Paddle Aqua Marina Pastel Pink 3-piece
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The sturdy three-piece PASTEL paddle for SUP boards straight from Aqua Marina combines the pleasure of paddling with a unique pastel design. A combination of fiberglass and carbon is used in its production.

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The Pastel is a versatile option for all SUP enthusiasts. It comes in 3 pastel variants (purple, pink and navy), so you can easily match one to your equipment.

The paddle bar is a composite of carbon combined with fiberglass, which makes it lightweight and comfortable to handle. The blade, on the other hand, is made of plastic combined with fiberglass. Its large surface area translates into faster distance travel. The T-bar tip allows for a secure and comfortable grip. Pastel is infinitely adjustable from 180-220 cm. Its weight is only 900 g.

Product highlights

Ease of transport

The 3-part construction means you can fold the paddle down to a really small size and take it with you wherever you go


High-quality materials used in the production of the paddle contributed to its low weight, giving the user greater comfort



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Length from (cm) Length to (cm) No. of sections Shaft diameter (mm) Blade area (cm²) Blade material Shaft material Extension material Weight (kg)
180 220 3 29 520 Plastic+Fiberglass Carbon+Fiberglass Carbon+Fiberglass 0,9
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