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The Vapor is an inflatable SUP in size 10'4 is ideal for both beginners and slightly more advanced paddlers. It will perform well in a wide variety of conditions. If you're heading to the lake or for a recreational trip on a quiet river, the Vapor will be the perfect choice.

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The Aqua Marina Vapor SUP board in size 10'4 is very versatile and universal. Dedicated to beginner paddlers for cruising on calm waters. An ideal choice for smaller paddlers. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the maximum load of the board should not exceed 140 kilograms. However, for optimum comfort on water, we recommend it especially for lighter people whose weight does not exceed 80 kilograms.

The main significant change from the previous model is the new shape of the board. In previous versions, the board had a narrower stern, while in this model this area has been widened. This minor shape modification has significantly improved the stability of the board, which will be particularly appreciated by novice riders wishing to enjoy a calm and relaxed session. Red details distinguish the board, such as the paddle handle shaft and the RED STRAP™ bungee cord system.


The deck of the board is lined with a layer of non-slip EVA foam with a special new sand-ripple pattern that mimics sandy beaches. The foam is both pleasant to the touch and gives a feeling of safety on the deck, protecting against slips and falls.

The Vapor gives you the option to convert your SUP board into a kayak. There are 4 D-ring fixings on the board to which you can attach a kayak seat (the seat can be purchased as an accessory).

SUP boards by AQUA MARINA are distinguished by their excellent build quality at an affordable price. The all-round line of versatile all-round boards is the most popular SUP product line worldwide.

Product highlights

Complete set

In the kit you get everything you need to get on the water! You will pack the board with accessories in a dedicated handy backpack


The board has been made using Drop Stitch Light technology, which makes it lightweight

Excellent grip

EVA foam-covered deck for better foot traction


Smaller board means less pumping and easier manoeuvring


The allround board is ideal for recreational paddling


RED STRAP bungee cord

Allows easy attachment of luggage or personal belongings

EVA footpad

New EVA foam with embossed pattern, drains water more effectively from the deck for better grip

Air valve

High-quality rubber patched air valve for premium look and better airtightness

Slide-in Center Fin

Removable slide-in Center Fin for toolless installation

Possibility of installing a kayak seat

4 D-ring fastenings allow the installation of a kayak seat (seat not included in the basic set)

Carry handle

Solid neoprene carry handle specifically designed for a comfortable grasp

Bungee System

Equipped with adjustable bungee cord stopper to easily tighten luggage

Drop Stitch Light Technology

  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2. Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  3. First PVC rail layer
  4. Second PVC rail layer
  5. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Circupack™ Backpack

Double Action Pump

Slide-in Center Fin

Safety Leash


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (l) Max recommended load (kg) Weight (kg) Recommended pressure (psi) Fin box Discipline Kayak option
10'4 / 315 31'' / 79 6'' / 15 315 140 8,2 15 Slide-in Allround
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