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Gaastra (GA-Sails) is one of the best brands in the wind and kite market. Their philosophy has always been to provide functional equipment of the highest quality. This is one of the few brands that has its own factory. Thanks to that, quality control is kept at the highest level.

In windsurfing, Gaastra is a renowned market leader since 1980 with stunning records in and off the water. Big names of the sport's history like Robby Naish, Pete Cabrinha, Pascal Maka, Robert Teriitehau, Matt and Kevin Pritchard and many more joined the brand in the ‘90 and led the sport. Today, the team includes names like: Thomas Traversa, Ross Williams, Cedric Bordes, Taty Frans, Davy Scheffers. In recent years, Gaastra started rebranding for GA Sails. There is new XXI century logo, but almost 40-legacy stays stays unchanged in history of the sport.

All the sails are devised each year by experienced sail designer - Peter Munzlinger, who is testing them in cooperation with international team. His (and the team) expertise has been proved by winning PWA constructors 1st prize in 2014. GA strategic windsurfing boards manufacturer is Tabou.

GA range includes as much as 4 different freeride sails: Pilot, Cosmic, Matrix and Hybrid, which is a concept of “one for all” sail. Huge wind range makes it a perfect convertible for all kind of conditions from high-wind waves to light-wind flatwater. You can invest in a minimum number of sails to maximize performance.

Phantom and Vapor (World Cup winner) are racing/slalom sails to choose from there are also two wave sails with different characteristics: Manic and IQ, then there is Pure - a 100% freestyle sail, and finally a school classic - Freetime plus a sail for advanced kids - Foxx.

Except for highest quality sails, GA manufactures masts (SDM/RDM), alu booms e.g. green line / black line, carbon slim booms, extensions (SDM/RDM and TEAM - highest performance with no plastic elements). There is also a line of accessories which includes a range of harnesses, lines (fixed, adjustable and easy mount), bags and others.

As one of the first brands ever Gaastra applied to kitesurfing in 2001, launched as a big player and ever since pushed the limits. They follow the spirit of the time and develop the brand all the time.

GA equipment is used in schools and surf-stations on the best spots like eg. Lake Garda, Fuerteventura, Keros and many more.

EASY SURF Shop is a major GAASTRA (GA-Sails) retailer.

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