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Manufacturer PLKB stands for the highest quality and experience in creating innovative solutions in kitesurfing kites.
Born in 1946, Peter Lynn started flying kites at a young age. He started his career as an engineer and began working full-time in the kite field in 1971. Since then, he has been a leading innovator and driving force in the international kitesurfing industry. Aiming to be a leader in kite design, Peter and his team have an impressive list of industry-first patents to their credit, such as the invention of the buggy kite in 1990, the C-Quad in 1997 and the "Arc" style - or Twinskin type - kites in 1999. Still at the forefront of kite innovation, PLKB develops the best equipment so you can enjoy the ride!
PLKB's vast experience in creating kites that exceed expectations puts them on a whole other level. So that everyone can enjoy them and have fun. PLKB have taken on the challenge of beating the big brands, defying all odds.

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