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Designed for performance foiling, the RF Foil range is shaped to excel in both light winds and high-power conditions, with no compromises to control over the course. RF Foils represents a natural progression from slower and forgiving freefoil boards. Ideal For intermediate and advanced riders wanting to step up their level. 

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Marked by its square outline, flat deck, and remarkably wide tail, the board swiftly accelerates to take-off speed. On the bottom, the foil box is placed as far back as possible. The combined effect allows the RF foil to rapidly take off over a short distance. 

Every size of the RF series showcases specialized tail cutouts that significantly diminish drag during acceleration prior to take-off or just after touchdowns. Notably, the 85 and 91 sizes feature oversized cutouts, reducing tail volume for heightened efficiency. 

The wide tail proves pivotal when flying at high speeds. The positioning of footstraps nearer to the rail allows the sailor to control the foil pitch with higher precision and enhances overall upwind tracking. Conversely, placing footstraps further inboard helps keep the foil pitch under control on a predominantly downwind course. 


All RF Foil sizes feature a lowered mast track. Keeping the rig connection lower improves overall board and rig control while in flight.

Occasional touchdowns are inevitable in foiling, particularly in choppy conditions. Catching water leads to quick deceleration and even loss of control. To counter that, a lot of volume is shaped into the RF Foil rails. This extra volume with a generous nose rocker result in a board bouncing back without “sticking” and losing speed.

RF Foils represents a natural progression from slower and forgiving freefoil boards. Their direct feel and explosive nature soon become an essential feature once the transition is made. Even when flying faster and higher, the RF Foil remains comfortable and in control, enabling you to remain focused on pushing your speed.

Product highlights

AST construction

Advanced sandwich construction, monolith design. All boards feature a full-wrap fiberglass rail band to enhance strength and longevity excellent balance between price and quality, delivering exceptional durability

Fast take-off

A strong start is crucial in competitive windsurfing. Elements like foil box position, elongated tail cut-outs, and a wide overall shape, all aimed at accelerating the board to its take-off speed within a minimal distance

Maximum control

Flying at top speed requires control. A wide tail with efficiently positioned footstraps provides the necessary leverage over the foil when it is subjected to substantial forces

Sporty character

Incredible speed and precision during maneuvers. Feel like a professional during each sessions in any conditions


Advanced Sandwitch Technology (AST)

AST boards are built using a monolithic design that combines matte fiberglass, resulting in a straightforward yet robust structure. They feature a full-wrap fiberglass rail band to enhance strength and longevity. This construction boasts an excellent balance between price and quality, delivering exceptional durability

Tail cut-outs

To minimize drag and enhance acceleration, RF Foil designs incorporate tail cutaways. This proves particularly helpful during occasional touchdowns as the board can swiftly regain its momentum and rebound onto the foil. The decreased volume also enables the rider to submerge the tail while pumping, effectively loading the foil for rapid take-off

Double Density Shock Absorbers (DDSA)

Positioned beneath the rider's feet when secured in the footstraps, the shock absorbers are designed to offer heightened comfort during challenging conditions and landings from jumps. The combination of triple layer footpad and DDSA minimizes strain on the rider's body, particularly during some heavier landings, and enhances overall comfort

Foil Box

The foil box is positioned a mere 3 cm from the tail tip. When combined with other RF Foil features, this rearward placement results in a more explosive take-off

Wide tail

During high-speed flight, the foil undergoes significant forces. A wide tail is crucial in this context as it offers substantial leverage over the foil, aiding the rider in maintaining control

Set components

  • Board
  • Footstraps


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16821081Deep Tuttle boxSingleYes10.924.0 - 8.5
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