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Solid WindSUP board Exocet WindSup V4 AST Full Eva
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Solid SUP board JP-Australia 23/24 Longboard PRO 9'4

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Less time on the beach and more fun on the water. Whether it's stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), windsurfing, or even wind foiling, the setup is yours to choose from. Offering all-round, entry-level performance, it's the best option for beginners and intermediate riders seeking an exciting and comfortable time on the water.

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With its distinctive drop-like shape, inspired by surf longboards, the Windsup works is an exceptional platform for recreational water sports. 

Step tail is a very distinct design feature. It gives the board excellent glide capabilities in sub-planing mode, making it ideal for recreational SUP paddling. The concave bottom shape towards the front enhances board directional stability.

When the wind picks up, the board can be quickly set into an adept windsurfing platform. As it attains planning speed, the step tail lifts above the water surface, effectively shortening the board by approximately 35cm. This unique feature enables the board to achieve speeds exceeding 27 knots with ease.


The bottom of the board is designed with a generous V shape. Coupled with gently rounded, tucked rails, the Windsup remains comfortable even in choppy conditions.

All sizes of the Windsup lineup are equipped with a reinforced foil box, facilitating the swift setup of the board for wind foiling sessions as well.

Product highlights

AST construction

Advanced sandwich construction, monolith design. All boards feature a full-wrap fiberglass rail band to enhance strength and longevity excellent balance between price and quality, delivering exceptional durability

All in one

The board is designed to offer three disciplines in one fun package: SUP, Windsurfing and Wind Foiling

Low wind design

Shaped in a likeness of a surf longboard, the Windsup is optimized to perform well in sub-planing and marginal conditions


Advanced Sandwitch Technology (AST)

AST boards are built using a monolithic design that combines matte fiberglass, resulting in a straightforward yet robust structure. They feature a full-wrap fiberglass rail band to enhance strength and longevity. This construction boasts an excellent balance between price and quality, delivering exceptional durability

Step tail

The step tail reduces the effective length of the board by almost 30 cm. This makes the board react and respond like a much shorter board

Bottom shape

The distinct V bottom shape allows easier rail-to-rail transitions and rides better in choppy conditions

Retractable daggerboard

The daggerboard enhances board stability in light winds and can be retracted for planning

Set components

  • Board
  • Footstraps
  • Integrated daggerboard
  • Fin


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Volume (l) Rec. Riders weight (kg) Weight (kg) Fin box Discipline Baseplate mount
10'0 / 305 32'' / 81 175 100 15.57 Power box Allround,Touring,Windsurfing Szyna masztowa
11'8 / 356 31'' / 79 220 120 17.7 Power box Allround,Touring,Windsurfing Szyna masztowa
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