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NEILPRYDE Windsurf mast TPX 100 SDM 2021
  • Essentials C50 is the strongest mast in the range
  • Superb quality to price ratio
  • Universal Ferrule System allows for custom mast builds with different tops and bases
  • Three different flexes to fit most of the sail brands
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UNIFIBER Mast Essentials SDM C50

  • Sizes: 400 / 430 / 460 / 490
  • Flexes: FL / CC / FH

Serving as an entry point into the Unifiber range of high-end masts, Essentials C50 SDM masts strike a good balance between value and quality. Highly recommended for recreational windsurfing, they are the number one choice for beginner and weekend warrior sailors.

Pre-preg manufacturing technology and a lower carbon to fiberglass ratio deliver outstanding durability to withstand heavy use.

The Essentials C50 SDM mast range is introduced in three new specialized curves:

  • Constant Curve (Green) — A 'classic' constant curve. Balanced and versatile, with the curve profile that has been preferred by many sailmakers for decades. (Neilpryde since 2016, GA-Sails until 2014, Severne, Naish, Gun Sails, Ezzy Sails, Avanti, Point 7 460 and shorter)
  • Constant FL Curve (Yellow) — A modern-day flex top with a little more flexing in the centre. (Loftsails, GA-Sails until 2015, Duotone / North Sails since 2014, Challenger, Simmer Style, Point 7 490 and longer)
  • Constant FH Curve (Red)— Flexes in the top as much as the Green Curve but is a little stiffer in the centre, resulting in a very fluent curve. (Goya Sails, Hot Sails, Neilpryde until 2015)

Please check Unifiber's Mast Selector tool to find out what mast curve works best for your rig.


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Size (cm) Diameter Carbon content (%) Bend curve IMCS Weight (kg) Carbon type Max extension
insertion (cm)
400 SDM 50 CC / FL / FH 19 2.18 T700 60
430 SDM 50 CC / FL / FH 21 2.33 T700 60
460 SDM 50 CC / FL / FH 25 2.62 T700 60
490 SDM 50 CC / FL / FH 29 2.91 T700 60
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