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UNIFIBER Mast Selector V5

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The differences between the brands has become smaller and smaller over the years. Almost all brands are now within the Constant Curve range. Unifiber saw the opportunity to develop new, specialized bend curves that fit the major brands perfectly. Intense research resulted in three curves: Constant Curve, Constant FL Curve, Constant FH Curve.

As a dedicated mast brand, Unifiber is the only producer to offer a stunning 82 different models.

Use the diagram below to see which Unifiber mast is the best choice for your sails. 

DISCLAIMER: Unifiber closely follows the activity of the major windsurf brands to ensure that their masts offer an ideal match for most current sails. However, the precision required for mast testing, as well as the different machines that are used worldwide, do inevitably lead to subtle variation in reported measurements. We cannot, therefore, be held accountable for compatibility issues that may arise from the use of specific products or models, or from the misinterpretation of the Mast Selector tool. If you're not sure about compatibility, our team of experts is always ready to help.

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