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Magic Wax Ultra Sticky is secondo layer of Manera Wax which have to be applied on the board or pads after using Base Coat. This layer is extremely sticky, it gives you the best feeling and stability on the board you can possibly have.
Manera developed wax especially designed for strapless kiteboarding and SUP boards. As traditional Surfwax doesn’t work great for kitesurfing and SUP. After many years of research and testing they came up with the idea of ultimate, incredible sticky wax to keep you stable on the board even during radical strapless moves. It has been handcrafted in France using only natural, non toxic ingredients. Great feature about this wax is that it also works perfectly on pads! Improve your riding and don’t be afraid anymore to try new radical moves as you will feel outstanding adhesion, stability and connection with the board.
ATTENTION - Base Coat wax and Ultra Sticky layer are sold separately!


  • Exceedingly sticky
  • Sun resistant (doesn’t melt in the sun)
  • Works perfectly on pads
  • Made 100% out of non toxic, natural ingredients

How to apply the maxic wax

  • Remove all the previous wax from board before applying new one
  • Always apply on clean and dry board
  • Apply first Magic Base coat (same on pads), then use the Ultra sticky layer


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