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Inflatable SUP board Aqua Marina Vapor 10'4 with paddle
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Inflatable SUP board-Kayak Aqua Marina Cascade Tandem 13'2 with paddle
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Cascade 11'2 is an awesome combination of a stable SUP board and a comfortable kayak in one. The hybrid board-kayak is the ideal model for both beginners and more advanced paddlers who enjoy sightseeing trips on lakes, rivers or streams. It comes with a kayak seat, two fins and a 2-in-1 paddle.

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The Aqua Marina Cascade 11'2 is ideal for those who like to kayak as well as SUP. This hybrid kayak-board will work as both a stable paddleboard and a comfortable and easy to carry kayak.

KAYAK: You can kayak sitting down in the kayak compartment, which is the ideal position when paddling in big waves or on a fast rafting trip. The other option is to take a seat in a deck-mounted high-back seat, which allows you to comfortably float seated especially over long distances.

SUP DESK: You can paddle standing up, standing in the chamber of the board. Beginner paddlers can remove the pad from the chamber to stand on the lower deck - then, due to the lower centre of gravity, paddling is more stable. The second way - ideal for skilled paddleboarders - is to stand on the higher deck padded with non-slip EVA foam. This position gives the paddler the ability to make quick turns and manoeuvre easily.


Included in the kit you will find a four-piece Dual Tech 2-in-1 paddle, which you will adapt to your chosen way of traveling.

The Cascade's capacity is 470 litres, which provides great stability and increases the load capacity to 220 kg - so you can carry a small passenger or a big equipment on long trips. You can also easily attach your hand luggage to the bow of the board, where the RED STRAP™ bungee cord system is located. On the stern you will find an additional luggage area, which is 2 independent elastic straps with adjustment.

Two fins are included (rear and centre), when to use them? If you are sailing classically standing up - use only the rear fin. And if you are kayaking in the deep water variant - add the centre fin. Fins will help you stay on course, for example in crosswinds or when sailing in waves along the coast. Their installation is instant and incredibly easy thanks to the Swift Attach (click-in) - just one 'click'!

The Cascade has been manufactured using innovative Drop Stitch Light Technology, which provides excellent strength, lightness and stiffness to the board. The kayak has drain valves for removing water from the deck.

Choose a board and kayak and be swept away on an amazing adventure!

Product highlights

Complete set

In the kit you get everything you need to get on the water! You will pack the board with accessories in a dedicated handy backpack

2in1 - saving and convenience

You can have both a SUP board and a kayak in one go! Travel how you want and when you want!


Load capacity of the Cascade is up to 220 kg! So you can even carry a large piece of luggage or a smaller passenger ;)



Double-chamber construction tactically designed for SUP-Kayak switch, creating a standing tray and a cockpit

Bungee System

Thanks to elastic bungee straps you can comfortably carry small items and accessories: drinks, snacks, sun care products or photographic equipment

Drain Valve

Integrated superfast self-bailing drain valve design

Deck Footpad

Deck covered in non-slip EVA foam with an embossed pattern that facilitates drainage, provides excellent grip and prevents slipping

Rubber patched valve

Upgraded air valve rubber patch providing user-friendly instructions and better airtightness in harsh environments

Carry handles

The sturdy neoprene handles will make transporting the board easy. Thanks to the correct positioning of the handles you can easily carry it on the water!

Slide-in fin system

Thanks to the Swift Attach solution, mounting and dismounting fins takes literally seconds! The Cascade has two fins, which are responsible for stability and control

Additional luggage area

Two sturdy, adjustable and ultra-flexible RED STRAP™ luggage lines on the stern - ideal for day trips when you're taking larger luggage with you

Drop Stitch Light Technology

  1. Main board and hull chamber, made of drop-stitch PVC fabric, 20 cm thickness
  2. Removable center deck chamber, made of drop-stitch PVC fabric, 7cm thickness
  3. First PVC rail layer
  4. Second PVC rail layer
  5. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Circupack™ Backpack

Double Action Pump

Kayak Seat

Swift Attach Center Fin x2

Safety Leash


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Length (ft / cm)Width (in / cm)Thickness (in / cm)Volume (l)Max recommended load (kg)Weight (kg)Recommended pressure (psi)Fin boxDisciplineKayak option
11'2 / 34035'' / 898'' / 2047022011,315Swift AttachTouring;Allround
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