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SUP Paddle Aqua Marina Sports III 3-piece
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JP-Australia SUP Paddle Glass Nylon three piece adjustable
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The Dual- tech is an extremely versatile and all-round paddle, which is suitable for both SUP outings and kayaking. The materials used during production are aluminum, fiberglass and plastic. Its weight, is1580 g.

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The 2-in-1 paddle gives you the option of using it as a classic 3-piece paddle, which you can adjust to your needs between 175-220 cm, or as a 4-piece kayak paddle. You will very quickly fit a second pen in place of the handle and reach a length of 236 cm.

The 29 mm diameter handle is made in aluminum, ensuring optimum performance and durability. It has special rings to prevent water dripping into the kayak, while the blade is a combination of plastic and fiberglass.

The ability to switch from paddle to kayak paddle, will come in handy on long trips when you feel like switching paddling styles.

Product highlights


The 2-in-1 paddle is a combination of a paddle and a kayak paddle, giving you more options when using it. You can quickly switch between 2 options

Ease of transport

The 4-piece design allows you to put the paddle in your backpack and transport it wherever you want. Distinguished by its compactness and ease of transport


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Length from (cm) Length to (cm) No. of sections Shaft diameter (mm) Blade material Shatf material Extension material Weight (kg) Kayak option
175 220 4 29 Fiberglass+plastic Aluminum Aluminum 1,58 Yes
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