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PLKB Kitesurf bar Navigator V6
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GA-KITES X6 Bar 2021
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Comes with floaters which makes relaunch easier and more comfortable
  • Comes with efficient and reliable Push Away safety system
  • Only bar made in Europe
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Sizes: 40cm/20m | 45cm/24m | 50cm/24m | 55cm/24m

The CrazyFly Sick Bar is a state-of-the-art control system blending together safety, comfort, durability and simplicity.

With safety being the top priority, the Sick bar has a single front line flag out. It ensures 100% collapse of the kite in all situations when the safety is triggered.

The Sick Click push away quick release conforms to the French safety norm AFNOR NF S52-503. It can be easily triggered with low force in all conditions. Re-loading the Sick Click system is fast and easy, even in difficult conditions.

The CrazyFly Sick Bar can be used in two safety modes: standard and suicide. The standard safety mode provides 100% safety in all situations. We strongly recommend using the standard safety mode. The suicide modes should only be used by experts, because it does not offer full depower of the kite when losing the bar.

The Sick Bar features Marine SS Smart Cleat, which is strategically placed above the bar, for easy power adjustments on the go. Under the Smart Cleat, CF team designed a brand-new DuPont® Polymer Stoperball, which also unites the PU Tube and Smart Cleat. They completely re-worked the leash connection point below the quick release and introduced the Spinnect untwist leash connector.

The bar ends are shorter and stiffer while the floaters can be nicely folded for easy pack downs and safe self rescue.

Sick bar exclusive, it features a brand-new premium Italian Tecno Prestige Leather grip from for unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.

Making things simple and clean, the safety line is covered in a PU tube. The PU tube prevents all wear and tear of the central line and allows for smooth sheeting and handling of the kite.

The swivel is integrated under the bar, where it is easy and comfortable to reach for untwisting the front lines after a rotational trick or a kite loop.

The Sick Bar is the first and only bar made 100% in Europe in the CrazyFly factory and made only from European materials and components.

Package content

  • Complete sick bar with 4 flying lines
  • Short safety leash
  • Bar bag
  • User manual


Crazyfly Sick Bar - German Quality Low Stretch Lines

German Quality Low Stretch Lines

All CrazyFly lines are top quality low stretch Liros® lines made in Germany. Unlike others, when a CrazyFly line is pulled, the kite reacts instantly. Traditional lines stretch when pulled and the reactions of the kite are slow and require more input from the rider. With CrazyFly lines, steering is direct and requires very light input from the rider. The kite is much easier to control.

Crazyfly Sick Bar - Power Tube

Power Tube

Covering the central line in a PU (very strong plastic) tube provides superior control of on the bar depower and adds to a more direct kite feel. The whole system, as well as the kite power delivery, feel much smoother.

Crazyfly Sick Bar - Auto position chicken loop

Auto position chicken loop

Perfect for unhooked riding! The chicken loop always stays in the right position to quickly hook back in.

Crazyfly Sick Bar - Premium Leather Grip

Premium Leather Grip

High abrasion resistance outdoor performance premium leather grip from Italy provides unmatched comfort and long-lasting durability.

Crazyfly Sick Bar - DuPont® performance polymers

DuPont® performance polymers

All plastic components are made from high end engineered plastics from DuPont® with superior toughness, stiffness and high impact resistance.

Crazyfly Sick Bar - Smart Cleat

Smart Cleat

A brand new depower Smart Cleat, originally designed by CrazyFly, and strategically positioned above the bar. It is comfortable to reach and very easy to use, even on the go. This year, designers also added a Velcro on the Smart Cleat, so there are no lines flapping around and everything is tidy in place.


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BAR LENGTH 40 cm 45 cm 45/50 cm 50 55
LINES LENGTH 20m 24m 24m+3/6m ext.
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