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Kitesurfing in EASY-surfshop

It really doesn’t matter if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced rider. In our Kitesurf category you will find everything you need to start your adventure with Kitesurfing. For beginners we offer large and wide TwinTip boards, for more advanced wave enthusiasts directional Surfboards. And if you are a pro rider – you should check out our boards offer from Foil and Race category. As it comes to kite, we will definitely satisfy every rider, no matter what style, experience level or preferences you have – we got you covered in any case. We have Freeride, Freestyle, Lightwind, Wave and Race kites.

The most popular brands are North, Crazyfly, GA-Kites, Cabrinha and Slingshot. Apart from boards and kites you will also find dedicated bars with lines and security systems, including safety leash. We also offer wide collection of harnesses, buoyancy and impact vests, including popular Dakine and ION models. You can also choose from many cases, quivers, travel bags and anything you need to pack and set off on the journey of your dreams. If you will have any problems or you won’t be able to decide which equipment will be the best, you can always ask us for help and advice, for example by asking us on our Live Chat. Especially, because of big rotations, we are not always able to have the entire collections of boards and kites in stock. For example, if you want to buy Crazyfly Bulldozer board, but the shop is informing you that it is currently unavailable in stock? Don’t hesitate to ask us on Live Chat and we will answer you immediately when we are able to bring it in stock - for You.
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