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DUOTONE Kite Pump with Pressure Gauge 2019
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GA KITES Kite Pump 2016
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The new CrazyFly pump makes pumping kite even faster and easier! The pressure gauge accurately indicating a pressure in tubes, new piston that can inflate air while moving up and down and more ergonomic handles are new features that can significantly improve comfort of inflating your kite!


  • Built-in pressure gauge provides a simple and accurate way to get the optimum pressure in the tubes
  • The air inlet protected by a filter to prevent the ingress of sand and dust into the pump
  • More stable pump base
  • Ergonomic handles made of thicker plastic significantly enhance the comfort of pumping
  • New piston with a higher capacity that can operate in one or two directions. The new CrazyFly pump can inflate even when you lift the piston, significantly reducing pumping time
  • A hose made of thicker plastic, more powerful and with easier air flow
  • Kite leash allows you to attach kite to the pump while inflating
  • Works with all kites on the market - applied with a few nozzles to choose


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