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PLKB Kiteboard Capital V2 (with fins & bindings)
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CRAZYFLY Kiteboard Raptor Diva 2021
  • The lightest board in the world.
  • Air Inside Core technology.
  • Innovative HMX-CF2 carbon technology.
  • Double concave.
  • Huge pop.
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CRAZYFLY kiteboard Elite III

  • Size: 132 x 41 | 136 x 41 | 140 x 42
  • Discipline: FREERIDE | FREESTYLE

CrazyFly is redefining the future of the ultimate kiteboard. Blending together the most advanced technologies and materials while focusing on the best possible performance, we created the third version of the Elite board. With thirty percent higher breaking strength and 180 grams less weight than the first Elite, the Elite III is the best one yet by far. The Elite III displays the sensuality of high end performance and possesses the elegance of pure, uncompromising design. It is a masterpiece of extreme light weight engineering and demonstrates the outstanding expertise of CrazyFly in all areas of carbon fiber technology.

The Elite III is more than a board, it is a status. To complement its superiority, the Elite III board comes in a boardbag with pads and straps mounted, ready to hit the water. The Elite III premium package hides multiple surprise items.

Performance wise, the Elite III was designed as a high end freeride board. As with every carbon board, the Elite III has quite a lot of pop and dynamics, so the load ‘n’ pop will not disappoint. Unlike other carbon boards, we believe the Elite III is the most flexible carbon board out there. It definitely is comfortable to ride. Due to its extreme light weight, it is very simple to maneuver and thanks to the double concave bottom shape, it handles chop extremely well and cuts upwind with ease.

Brand new layup features two layers of carbon on the top and two on the bottom. One layer is the CompFlex 4T5 carbon with 45 degree angled fibers for optimal torsion flex, which makes the board stiffer in heel to toe direction. This is topped with a brand news HMX-CF2 carbon which gives the board strength along the length of the board. The HMX-CF2 carbon is the thinnest, lightest and highest tensile strength carbon material. Thanks to its properties it provides a very comfortable medium flex.

With a redesigned Air Inside Core technology, we were able to save another 180 grams compared to the first Elite. This makes the Elite III the lightest board in the world.

The Elite III – Status defined.

Set included

  • ELITE III board
  • 2 set of fins (3.0 oraz 5.0)
  • Bindings Elite III
  • Handle
  • Screw set
  • Boardbag Elite III
  • T-shirt


Crazyfly Elite II - HMX-CF2


HMX-CF2 carbon is the most advanced carbon fiber technology. The combination of Nano-technology, carbon nanotube reinforced resin and T1000G carbon fiber create the world’s highest tensile strength fiber. Supplied as a prepreg, this carbon always has the perfect ratio of resin spread evenly and creates the best possible molecular bonding. The cohesion between the fibers is improved and allows for incredible strength even at off-axis fiber directions. Expert utilization of the HMX-CF carbon results in an extremely lightweight board with uncompromised power transfer and dynamics.

Crazyfly Elite II - Air Inside Core

Air Inside Core

This patent pending technology is unheard of in kiteboarding. Designers have taken the stripes of the wood core to optimize the flex pattern of the board and reduce weight. There are true hollow parts between the top and bottom layup layers of the Elite II.

Crazyfly Elite II - Wood Core

Wood Core

Core is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard. Therefore, CrazyFly choose only the finest selection wood cores for all their kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of the highest quality, they are using a CNC machine to cut the outline, drill holes, and give various 3D shapes on all cores.

Crazyfly Elite II - Unobtainium


Unobtainium is a non-existing material of the highest value, which best fulfills its desired purpose, so CrazyFly were not able to use it, but they managed to apply this concept while creating the Elite board. Designers and engineers had an Unobtainium mindset, and every little detail on this board is made as if it was made from Unobtainium. Every piece was carefully picked and well thought through to best serve its purpose and complement one another in this extremely unique package.

Crazyfly Elite II - Carbon Touch

Carbon Touch

With over 20 years of experience in working with carbon, CrazyFly is stepping up with the most advanced carbon fiber technology in kiteboarding. The Elite II board is not made with the conventional top sheet construction method. To radically reduce weight and showcase the raw natural beauty of Carbon, engineers came up with the Carbon Touch technology. HMX-CF2 carbon utilizes Nano-technology, which incorporates a reinforced epoxy resin as well as T1000G carbon fiber. The bonding between the fibers is improved compared to traditional methods, making T1000G the world’s highest tensile strength fiber. This technology does not only make the Elite board Feather light and strong, it also enables the user to touch and feel the carbon fibers.

Crazyfly Elite II - Feather Light

Feather Light

The Elite is without a doubt the lightest production board in the world. In its mid-size, 136 x 41 cm, the board itself weighs an incredible 1 700 grams. This is 140 grams less than the first Elite. Complete with accessories the Elite weighs only 2 700 grams, making it the lightest board in the industry. Engineers have spent tremendous amount of time searching for options to strip down weight without compromising performance. With the brand new air inside wood core, used exclusively in the Elite II boards, and the most advanced carbon technology so far, CrazyFly successfully created a Feather Lite masterpiece.

Crazyfly Elite II - Feather Light

Premium Content

To complement its superiority, the Elite III board comes as the most premium package out there. The board has pads and straps mounted, ready to hit the water. Fully padded Elite III boardbag to protect your precious board is included, as well as multiple fin options, t-shirt, stickers, accessories transport bag and even a certificate to show that you are the Elite.


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Size (cm) Weight (cm)
132 x 41 1.6
136 x 41 1.7
140 x 42 1.8
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