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Aqua Marina is a brand created by Silver Marine - a company with long history of manufacturing inflatable water crafts like kayaks, dinghys or ribs. Since couple of years, using their broad experience, a production of SUP inflatable boards was launched. The boards quickly gained reputation of solid, well designed products. Thanks to that, Aqua Marina boards are well recognized, especially in Europe. Low price makes them widely available: from beginner surfers, weekend riders to passionate SUPers.

Except for bestseller models like Breeze, Monster, Magma or Echo, Aqua Marina offers speciality boards like eg. Drift - dedicated to fishing - with side chambers stabilising hull, fishing rod mounts and a seat with cooler for drinks. Or a floating yoga mat - Peace. There are 2 WindSUP models, perfect for low-wind windsurfing with dedicated rigs. Of course you will find also kids SUP. Except for paddles, this brand offers a variety of accessories: electric pumps, waterproof bags to keep your essentials dry while SUPing, attachable floats to stabilise the board for learning, special motorized fin, waterproof shoes and wear. Some of the boards come with paddle in price. All Aqua Marina Boards are covered in interesting graphic design, and they have an integrated mount for sport camera!

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