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Inflatable SUP board Aqua Marina Hyper 12'6 2-chamber
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Hyper 11'6 is a two-chamber, fast and robust SUP board from the Touring collection. It is designed for intermediate paddlers who want to go faster than on allround boards. Due to its good stability it is also suitable for beginners. Ideal for longer trips on calm inland waters, as well as for fun in offshore waters with a small wave.

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Aqua Marina Hyper 11'6 is a Touring model that will prove itself as a piece of equipment for longer, even multi-kilometre trips. It is mainly for intermediate paddlers who expect better speed than on classic allround boards. Nevertheless, thanks to its two-chamber construction and large width, it provides very good stability that will support beginners. The refined construction and advanced technologies ensure fantastic performance on the water, as well as safety for the user - which is why the Hyper is ideal for a first touring board.

The bow of the board features a plastic reinforcement - FORE KEEL™ construction, which improves 'cutting through' the water while protecting the board when hitting the shore. The stern, on the other hand, features the REC Edge™ design, a special rectangular hydrodynamic edge that drains water to improve our performance. A kick pad in the rear of the board and a central racing fin will make it easier to perform pivots and manoeuvre in the waves.


An additional luggage area in the stern and a maximum load capacity of 150 kg make the Hyper an ideal companion for longer trips where you bring more luggage.

An interesting feature is the possibility of fitting a kayak seat (to be purchased separately). There are 4 metal rings on board, allowing you to quickly clip the chair in and use the Hyper board like a kayak.

Product highlights

Lightweight and compact

The light weight and folded size make storage and transport no problem! The lightness of the SUP is achieved, among other things, by the Drop Stitch Light technology

Robust construction

Advanced High Frequency Wealding and Heat Fusion (electromagnetic welding) technologies ensure ultimate durability. Enjoy your paddling adventure for many seasons to come!

2-chamber construction

Two independent chambers (Welded Double Chamber) increase the stiffness of the board and the feeling of safety if one chamber is damaged

Environmental friendliness

Thanks to the solutions used, the production of the new Aqua Marina boards leaves a much smaller carbon footprint. Glue is no longer used - the layers of material are joined using hot air


Bungee System

Equipped with adjustable bungee cord stopper to easily tighten luggage

RED STRAP™ Bungee system

The RED STRAP™ elastic luggage rope is ideal for securely attaching a paddle

Dual RED STRAP™ Bungee system

Dual ultra elastic RED STRAP™ bungee system ideal for day trippers carrying all gear and supplies

Seat D-ring

Extra stainless steel D-rings on deck pad for an optional seat

Rubber patched valve

Quality rubber patched air valve for premium look and better airtightness

Carry handle

Solid neoprene carry handles for easy transport and to save all your energy

Tail Kick Pad

Bonus built-in tail kick pad allowing smooth maneuvering of cutbacks and turns


Hook-like moulded keel engineered for efficient water stroke and straight paddling with ease

Swift Attach Fin System

Game-changing patented Swift Attach Fin System (SAFS™) for fast and secure fin attachment

Double Chamber Technology

  1. Double Wall Fabric drop stitch core
  2. Light and printed tarpaulin layer
  3. Double layered added chamber
  4. Added chamber band reinforcement
  5. First PVC rail layer
  6. Second PVC rail layer
  7. Extra rail-band reinforcement
  8. Machine-pressed EVA footpad

Included accessories

Circupack™ Backpack

Double Action Pump

Racing Fin Swift Attach

Coil Leash


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Length (ft / cm) Width (in / cm) Thickness (in / cm) Volume (l) Max recommended load (kg) Weight (kg) Recommended pressure (psi) Fin box Discipline Kayak option
11'6 / 350 31'' / 79 6'' / 15 330 150 11,5 15 Swift Attach Touring
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