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UNIFIBER Windsurf set RPM iWindsurf 280 FCD + Maverick II sail
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UNIFIBER Windsurf set RPM iWindsurf 280 SL + Evolution II sail
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  • Professional raceboard gear
  • Proven performance on racecourses around the world
  • Great Proteus II board
  • Two sails for different conditions
  • Full carbon mast and boom
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UNIFIBER x LOFTSAILS Raceboard Package

Raceboard set for all conditions, that consists the proven Proteus II board, two Raceboardblade sails in variants for light and moderate winds and a full carbon mast and boom matched to both sails. Be ready for any competition in any conditions.

Set components

Unifiber Proteus II

Get ready to race or simply enjoy windsurfing anytime and anywhere you want to go in the purest form.
This dedicated Raceboard shape from the hands of Marcos Ruesch from Argentina offers unlimited performance on any racecourse. Due to the high volume, it is an incredibly stable platform in all sorts of wind conditions and body weights. Amazing downwind performance with an incredible upwind angle while maintaining speed.

Board is equipped with retractable daggerboard, boardbag and mast joint.

Loftsails Raceboardblade 9.5 ULW

The new ULW 9.5 sail is a development of the ultra-successful LW design, but with enhanced light wind capabilities. Stability comes from a 5 batten (3 cam) frame. The profile has been redistributed and fine-tuned to improve performance both upwind and downwind. The ULW also benefits from improved pumping response.

Loftsails Raceboardblade 9.5

The new Raceboardblade 9.5 is a 6 batten (3 cam) sail that offers tactical flexibility on the racecourse thanks to wide range of adjustment. It is positioned between the ULW and HW sails, with a performance window optimised for the middle wind range.

Loftsails Team Edition C100 Mast

Loftsails Team Edition masts are focused on achieving the best possible response for the least possible weight, without compromising durability. In high-performance sails, reaction and reflex are critical and having that pre-set, intended behavior pre-set and consistently replicated in all diameters and sizes of the mast program is the number one requirement in complementing their test-winning sails. Mast is equipped with bag.

Unifiber Elite V2 Boom

Elite carbon booms are custom manufactured from the highest grade pre-preg carbon. These designs are targeted at the professional user searching for the greatest stiffness and lightest weight. This boom is fitted with larger diameter outside tails that minimizes the back-end swing weight and keep the rig under better control. Those tails have a wider outline to work better with modern race sails and not distort their profiles. Tail is equipped with pulleys to facilitate use of adjustable outhaul.


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Length (cm) Width (cm) Volume (l) Weight (kg) Fin Box Fin setup Daggerboard Discipline
378 68 316 13.80 DEEPTUTTLE BOX Single Retractable Raceboard


Sail Luff (cm) Boom (cm) Vario Top Extension (cm) Cams Battens Recommended Mast Weight (kg)
9.5 ULW 554 246 20/24 3 5 Team Edition SDM 530 4.66
9.5 558 246 24/28 3 6 Team Edition SDM 530 4.88


Model Length Carbon Content Diameter Carbon Quality Bend curve Base % Top % IMCS Weight
TEAM EDITION 530 100% SDM T700 & T800 CC 64% 76% 34 2.53 kg


Min. length (cm) Max. length (cm) Material Construction RDM Adapter Tail end Grip diameter Weight (kg)
205 255 Carbon Monocoque Pulley 29x30 Oval 3.12
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