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GAASTRA Windsurf mast RDM C80 + mastbag
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MAVERX Windsurf mast RDM MX 100% carbon

In case no particular mast size in stock, the lead time may take even up to 60 days.


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MAVERX Windsurf mast RDM MX 85%

This is MaverX most sold mast of MX RDM line and a best compromise between weight, price and performance. The grams added with respect to its 100% brother are very little and not sure the point on which to base a decision of purchase. The little 15% of fiberglass content makes it more robust and prone to absorb stress when washed out in waves. It is 85% carbon content is real, not just declared.

MX85 performance and range of use are almost the same as his big brother MX100 which is only few grams lighter. With optimized design and highest quality carbon fibers this level of performance was achievable. This mast is responsive, very easy to control, dynamic and reliable. To protect mast from dents, scratches and to reduce the wear of graphics caused by UV rays, bottom of the mast has been covered with protective, transparent foil. The joint has EVA clean cap which prevents sand from stucking top and bottom of the mast. You can cover junction with tape for maximum protection if you are surfing in places with fine sands.


  • 85% carbon
  • 12 months MaverX warranty + 12 months extra warranty from EASY SURF
  • Constant Curve (CC) bend characteristics
  • Bag in set with the mast
  • Compatible with vast majority sails available on the market!
  • Made in prepreg technology
  • 100% made in Italy
  • MaverX belongs to Reglass company - first which brought carbon fibers on the windsurfing market

Our Mast Choosing Guide

Choosing the right mast for a sail is one of the most important stages of completing our own equipment. We've prepared a dedicated Guide for making windsurfier'a life easier. Take a ride and learn how to do it.


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Length Diameter Carbon content Bend curve IMCS Weight
340 RDM 85% CC 15 1.35kg
370 RDM 85% CC 17 1.44kg
400 RDM 85% CC 19 1.65kg
430 RDM 85% CC 21 2.05kg
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