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The perfect board for recreational paddling in almost every conditions. The classic allround shape and increased buoyancy ensure stability and comfortable ride. Drop stitch technology guarantees that the board will maintain its shape and stiffness. The three fins in the thruster setup make it easier to keep the direction and allow for easy maneuvering.

The board features special attachment points for the kayak seat and the footrest. In a short time, you can adapt the board designed for standing swimming into a sitting kayak. In addition, with the board, you will receive a pump, bag and paddle - all you need to get on the water!

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Drop Stitch

Drop Stitch

Drop Stitch is a material, that features two outer layers connected with thousands of polyester fibers. That provides stable shape and thickness. Drop stitch technology increases stifness of the board and allows you to transport heavy load onboard.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - EVA Deck

EVA Deck

Soft EVA foam on the deck guarantees best grip and comfort.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Leash D-Ring

Leash D-Ring

D-ring allows you to connect the board with your leg through the leash, so it will not run away after fall.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Fin


Three fins with integrated to the boards bottom thruster setup increase stability and manoeuvrability.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Handle

Carry handle

Handle located in the middle of the deck allows you to easily and comfortably carry board by yourself.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Tow D-Ring

Tow D-Ring

D-Ring on the nose allow you to connect board using a rope with boat or kayak and tow it.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Valve


A universal valve in the tail of the board allows you to pump the board using every SUP pump.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Kayak

2 w 1

With the board you will geat kayak seat and leg rest. You can transform board into kayak in few seconds!

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Cargo straps

Cargo straps

Elastic ropes allows you to secure some items neccesary during long SUP trip.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Set


With the board you'll get set of accesories. Everything you need for kayaking and paddleboarding.

Set includes

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Pump


Double action pump with pressure gauge makes pumping easy and quick. It allows you to precisely adjust pressure inside the board.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Leash


Leash will make the board don't run away after fall. Especially recommended on waves, rivers and in strong wind.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Bag


Large bag will fit the board with a set of accessories. Store everything in one place and don't worry that you'll forget pack something before the session.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Paddle


3-piece paddle 2 in 1 for kayak and SUP. with aluminium shaft and nylon blades. You can replace sup handle with kayak blade in few seconds.

Hydroforce Oceana Combo - Seat

Kayak seat

Removable seat with backrest allows you to ride your SUP board like a kayak - in a sitting position.


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Length Width Thickness Max load Volume Fins
10' - 3.05m 33'' - 84cm 6'' - 15cm 110kg 306l 3 integrated
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