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UNIFIBER PrePreg Monocoque Carbon Boom - Premium
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GAASTRA Windsurf Boom RACE 100% CARBON 2019
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The new boom GA Wave has a slightly reduced diameter of tubes and sections with a V-shaped grip, which provides a better handling and less fatigue of the hands muscles. The shape of the boom provides better stiffness and a more direct feeling of the rig, which guarantees great control over your set. The tail end made of one piece of carbon features special plastic element at the end that includes an outhaul system and protects the carbon from damage when hitting hard objects (stones, etc.).

Bom GA Wave is available in two sizes: 140-190 and 150-210. You can choose one perfect boom for your set of sails.


  • Carbon monocoque construction
  • RDM adapter included
  • Rigid head end - easy attachment and stiff connection with mast
  • Line included
  • Tail end made of single carbon element
  • Plastic element includes outhaul system and protects carbon
  • Double pin length adjustment - secure lock and high stiffness
  • Length adjustment every 2cm
  • EVA covered grip
  • Marks on EVA grip for harness lines adjustment
  • V-grip for better grip and less arms fatigue


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Size Grip diameter Weight Material Head end Tail end Shape
140-190 29.3mm 2.33kg Carbon SDM/RDM Standard C-Shape
150-210 29.3mm 2.44kg Carbon SDM/RDM Standard C-Shape
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