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GA-SAILS Windsurf Foil MACH 1 Carbon 85 Freeride
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GA-FOILS Windsurf Foil HYBRID Freeride

  • Type: Freeride
  • Materials: Aluminium mast and fuselage + GFK carbon-composite wings

The most universal model from the Gaastra collection. This rigid aluminum construction is ideally suited for freeriding. Due to its durability, Hybrid is perfect for beginners, but its performance will also satisfy more experienced foilers. It is extremely stable, and making the jibe extremely easy! The Hybrid model is a pass to the foil world.


  • Designed for freeride
  • Aluminum construction of mast and fuselage
  • GFK composite wings
  • Very durable and resistant to damage
  • Very stable
  • Features a special plate that rests on the board and minimizes the risk of damage to the fin box
  • Included with a convenient bag
  • Forgives mistake


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Windsurf UK just tested (October 2019 issue) this GA freeride foil. See what they found: "For an entry-level aluminium offering, its reaching performance is exceptional! (...) Entering full flight gybes with the Hybrid was a real pleasure, the foil providing both the speed and stability to give the rider that extra bit of time during the critical mid-transition moment." We can only say exactly the same. Want to try it before buy? Contact us!
Mast length Fuselage length Front wing span Front wing area Rear wing span Front wing area
800mm 846mm 713mm 936cm2 442mm 304cm2
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