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BUGZ 4x D-Ring Set for SUP inflatable Boards
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UNIFIBER Inflatable Boards Toolless US Box Screw + Plate
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  • Repair set, for SUP boards
  • Contain patches, glue and tools
  • You can always take it for SUP trip
  • Waterproof case
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The kit contains:

  • 2 large patches of reinforced PVC cloth
  • Repair adhesive
  • Valve wrench
  • Waterproof case, that allows you to take repair kit to the water

Use the glue and PVC patches to repair cuts and punctures in your inflatable board.

A known problem: when you are inflating your board, air seems to be leaking out and when you reach approx. 10 PSI, the valve won't close automatically. That means that the valve is not mounted tightly into the board. 
Solution: Take off the valve cap and place the wrench onto the valve. Turn the wrench clockwise until it becomes hard to turn. The valve is now mounted properly and you can inflate your board without any problems!

The repair set which you'll get with your order may vary a bit from the pictures from our website. We have a few suppliers and all of them use a bit different sizes of spare PVC cloth, glue and a valve wrench. However, technically it is the same.


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