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UNIFIBER Baseplate Cardan (U-PIN)
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GAASTRA Baseplate Tendon PRO
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This baseplate is a tool for heavy duty users and their needs. It’s equipped with a solid quality polyurethane tendon of the proper stiffness - it is going to offer you the accurate feeling while helping you to rail your board within the sweet spot. It’s also equipped with EVA layer at the bottom, what has two functions: 1. To protect the masttruck surface area against wear, 2. To secure and undo the baseplate with no effort. It’s the top of the line in UNIFIBER baseplates range. Highly appreciated.


  • Proven durability Tendon Joint HD
  • U-Pin is mounted on M10 internal thread which is stronger than other options with M8 external thread options
  • Tendon joint reduces sideway movement compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • Easy to replace Tendon Joint


  • Less shock absorbing capability compared to Power Joint or Boge Joint options
  • Total height higher compared to Pro Tendon design so Lower height comparable to other designs helps to keep center of effort of sails lower (minor effect)


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