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UNIFIBER Modular Boom Head SDM Adapters White (2 PCS)
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UNIFIBER Essentials Modular RDM and SDM Compatible Boom Head
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UNIFIBER HD Modular RDM and SDM Compatible Boom Head

The newly developed Unifiber® boom head (patent pending). Truly plug and play. Compatible with all masts. Optimal performance for all riders from junior to PWA professionals.

After hundreds of hours R&D we present a new standard in solid and secure boom head connection. Combine with any “Configure Me” Unifiber Boom Body for a perfect connection to all masts (SDM or RDM).

The two collars that close around the mast evenly distribute all the forces of the rig without point loading the mast. Original installed Clamcleats® make it easy to fine-tune the tension of each lever individually so that the boom head wraps perfectly around the mast. Designed to function in harmony with the forces generated under load. Play is minimized, and the mast is permitted to maintain its natural bend curve.

Riders of all levels will appreciate the immediate and direct feel.

Conveniently switch between the SDM and RDM adapters. "Direct fit" geometry allows quick, easy, hassle-free attachment.

Benefit from the advantages of a modular boom system. The modular boom head fits all "Configure Me" Boom Bodies. Swapping the boom head is effortless and takes seconds - no tools required. For example: with 1 boom head, 3 boom bodies and 1 tail you have 3 high-performance booms of different sizes. This makes the most of your available budget, storage space, baggage allowance. Direct fit and twist locks the boom head to the body. Professional users seeking maximum possible stiffness may choose to install the optional "performance bolts" (only supplied with HD and Elite models). Performance bolts increase stiffness by approximately 10% and take about a minute to fit using a hex key.

Be part of the future! Enjoy light weight and absolute performance. Benefit from "Configure Me" modular options to combine, renew and upgrade components as required.


  • Solid and direct rig connection
  • No point-concentrated loading
  • Can be updated with 'performance bolts' which - if installed - add approximately 10% extra stifness
  • Modular, within 2 seconds the boom head can be swapped to another Unifiber "Configure Me" boom body
  • Lightweight, one of the lightest boom heads available on the market
  • The snap-on functionality requires first-time practice
  • Compatible with RDM and SDM by means of adapters


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