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GA-Sails AirRide

  • Size: 6.7
  • Model: 2021
  • Condition: 5

About this gear

Gaastra Air Ride is a dedicated freeride foiling concept, which combines the benefits of a high aspect construction with lightness and maneuverability. For 2021 we improved the batten rotation above the boom of the 5.7 and 6.7 for a super smooth ride and jibing in lightest winds. On the 7.7 we stabilized the upper leech and flattened the entry of the luff, which in combination with the slightly reduced foot area improves its jibing characteristics. The impressively light construction combines performance to get in the air with ease of use and a balanced feeling, making the Air Ride the right choice for foiling at all skill levels.

Where this gear come from?

This sail comes from a pool of EASY-surfshop test gear. It was exhibited and ridden at our events and tested by the team. The equipment was rinsed after each session in the fresh water and stored in our warehouse not exposed to UV radiation and other external factors.


  • Sail has never been damaged
  • It was on the water only few times during our team's tests
  • Sail had no contact with salt water


  • Minor folds and scratches on the monofilm and X-ply from normal use
  • Monofilm and edge tape on the top are slightly folded


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