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GA-SAILS Hybrid 5.2 C3 Red

  • Size: 5.2
  • Model: 2021
  • Condition: 3.5

About this gear

The Hybrid evolves from an allround wave sail in the smaller sizes across a versatile freemove line of the 5.2 to 6.4 into an easy to use and powerful freeride sail in the biggest sizes. One of the most successful concepts was updated with some improvements in detail to reach even better performance in different conditions and fields of use. On the bigger sizes Gaastra Team changed the outline of the sail foot in order to achieve better closing the gap for pure freeriding performance. In addition, the roach in the lower leech of the bigger sizes was slightly reduced to improve the Hybrid’s high-end control. Enjoy the performance and ease of use of the Hybrid everywhere, you rig it!

Where this gear come from?

The presented sail was used for one season in the windsurfing rental center of Vasco Renna on the Lake Garda. No exposure either to salt water or to harmful UV rays (such as in Egypt) and professional attitude to equipment in Italian bases make it in great condition.


  • Fully functional sail
  • HD x-ply window
  • Batten tensioner key included


  • Few panels professionally repaired
  • Few minor dents and creases
  • Luff sleeve small abrasion


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