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GAASTRA Windsurf Sail MANIC 5.8 C3 2018 [USED]
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GAASTRA Windsurf Sail IQ 4.2 C1 2018 [TEST]
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  • Size: 5.0
  • Model: 2018
  • Condition: Used


  • Sail condition rate 3.5/5
  • The sail is fully functional
  • The monofilm is in good condition
  • All battens are ok
  • The sail is not faded


  • The sail carries normal traces of use (scratches, dents, etc.)
  • 10 cm from the top of the sail there is a 10 cm hole taped with tape
  • On the 2nd and 3rd window (counting from the top) there are several dents
  • The lowest monofim window is scratched


The presented sail was used only for one season at the Vasco Renna windsurfing center on Lake Garda. In the Italian surf schools they take great care of the equipment, which is why the sail was not exposed to harmful UV rays for a longer period than the one he spent on the water.

More about this sail

Manic is a wave sail with a stable, quite deep profile. Larger sizes have 5 battens and provide a strong draft that is useful in light wind. It will also be appreciated by heavier people. Large sizes will also work in bump & jump and freeride.


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Model Year Size Discipline Cams Battens Mast Luff Boom Vario top
MANIC 2018 5.0 Wave 5 400 RDM 410 170
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