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LOFTSAILS Oxygen 2021 pre-production

Propouse: FREERACE

Size: 4.6 | 8.5 | 9.5

Presented Loftsails are pre-production sail, that is produced to be ckeched before serial production starts. Sails are fully operational, new, have the same parametres as all production sails for 2021, but they do not have any prints that say mast, boom, or extension length. Some of them were lagged by Loftsails designer – Monty Spindler.

Oxygen is a camber-free freerace sail with excellent performance, easy turns and trouble-free sailing. System cross batten with extended slat and insert clew stiffens the thruster and improves the twist of the sail in strong wind. Since 2005 he has won as many as eighteen (18!) independent tests.


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Size Luff Bom Recommended mast Extension
4.6 388 162 370 TEAM EDITION 18
8.5 510 228 490 TEAM EDITION 20
9.5 532 242 520 TEAM EDITION 12
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