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OVERBOARD Waterproof iPad Case black

Now with back window for iPad 2 / iPad 3 / iPad 4 Rear Cameras!

Take your iPad on your water-based or beach missions with the OverBoard Waterproof iPad Case, offering full use of the device while it is safely sealed away.

The waterproof iPad pouch has a clear front so you can use all the touch screen functions and seals tightly with Slide Seal System, making it guaranteed submersible to 6m / 19ft. That means you can check your emails from the pool bar!

If you do drop it in the water after some Pina Coladas, the waterproof iPad case will neatly float to the top so you can get it back quickly. That's not likely to happen though, because it comes with a back hand loop for secure handling in either orientation.

Complete with a heavy-duty shoulder strap for easy transport as well, the OverBoard Waterproof iPad case is the relaxed and secure way to take your iPad to the beach, pool or onboard.


  • High: 25cm
  • Wide: 20cm
  • Girth: 42cm


  • 100% waterproof iPad pouch (Class 5).
  • Floats safely if dropped in water.
  • Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m.
  • Transparent front allowing full use of iPad functions.
  • Back Window for Camera
  • Keeps out dust, sand, dirt and water.
  • Made of environmentally-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
  • Perfect for iPads and similar-sized or smaller tech gadgets, like e-book readers.
  • Supplied with heavy duty shoulder strap.
  • Includes padded back and rear hand loop


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