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Inflatable Windsurf Board STX iWindsurf RS Freeride 250
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iWindsurf RS Freeride 242 is an inflatable windsurfing board for intermediate surfers. It will also work well for learning to get into the glide and the basics of windsurfing. Lightweight and rigid construction with a number of features for better manoeuvrability and performance on the water - optimised shape, 2 fins, railsaver, footstraps.

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STX iWindsurf RS Freeride 242 is an inflatable board designed for windsurfing enthusiasts, who are looking for a compact and easily transportable model. You don't have to worry about not having racks on the roof of your car - thanks to the inflatable construction, you can pack your kit in a dedicated backpack and take it anywhere! Dimensions when inflated: 242x72x15 cm. Volume: 205 litres

FXL Technology has resulted in excellent durability at an incredibly light weight of 7.9 kg. The ability to inflate to 20 psi makes the board extremely rigid, ensuring stability and great performance. The model will work for people who can already surf, as well as those who are just taking their first steps in this discipline sport. The iWindsurf Freeride has a central fin to prevent drifting and a rear fin to help maintain direction. The board shape - both short and wide - allows the rider to glide more freely and to surf in stronger winds.


The adjustable, detachable footrstraps ensure a more stable position on the glide and manoeuvring. The Railsaver - a straight edge at the bottom of the stern - is great for releasing water from underboard and creates a much smaller wave than a classic rounded stern. You will appreciate this especially when gliding and picking up more speed.

In the middle of the deck there is a special reinforced insert - an attachment point for a rig (rig to be purchased separately).

Product highlights


Inflatable board is incredibly convenient to transport! You don't need a roof rack - just pack the whole kit into a dedicated backpack and take it to any spot!

Robust construction

FXL Double Layer Technology increases the resistance to mechanical damage - enjoy your board for many seasons!

Pressure up to 20 psi

Higher pressure means more stiffness of the board. You can inflate it up to 20 psi, which gives you more stability and improves performance!


Catch wave after wave! Shorter and wider shape for easy glide entry and rear fins for efficient manoeuvring


Double Layer FXL construction

Board is ultra-lightweight, more durable and flexes less. You can inflate it up to 20 psi (optimum 15 psi)

Insert for rig mounting

Reinforced insert in the middle of the deck for quick base plate installation


4 adjustable neoprene footstraps ensure a stable position in the glide and during manoeuvres and tricks


Straight edge for smooth water release, so your board stays longer in the glide

2 Fins

The central fin prevents drifting and the rear helps to maintain direction

EVA Footpad

Non-slip EVA foam on the deck prevents slipping. Core Grip and Honey Grip pattern provide a great combination of comfort and grip

Air valve

Robust air valve


Included accessories




Coiled Leash

Repair kit



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Length (ft) Length (cm) Width (cm) Volume (l) Weight (kg) Fin Box Discipline Recommended sailsize
7'9 242 84 205 TBA US-box Freeride, Beginner TBA
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