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Fully revised edition of the ultimate spot guide has been released. The new Europe Guide is packed with accurate knowledge on surfing and kiting on the old continent.
Illustrated with over 1,200 magnificent images from the leading surf photographers and full of detailed maps of every region. The Europe Guide is the perfect travel companion. You can take it anywhere on the continent and you'll always find the right spot. Summing up there are 464 pages of inspiration.



Detailed maps of every region, travel information on each country and its people with extra insights into each region's kite and windsurf scene. Comprehensive overview of the continent’s meteorology and oceanography, describing all the weather patterns and wind systems. What is more you will find here even local stats, temperatures and swell charts.

Featured countries

Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco and Canary Islands.

For who?

For everybody who searches accurate information in one place. With this book you don’t have to bay yet another map or check meteorology and oceanography. You even don’t have to search for a restaurant or hotel to have a good meal after your session.

Edition from 2014


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