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Unifiber Maverick Complete Rig

  • Sizes: 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.1 / 5.8 / 6.5 / 7.3

A high performance rig developed for newcomers to windsurfing. The smaller sizes 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.1 / 5.8 are designed towards Bump & Jump conditions, the larger sizes 6.5 and 7.3 are designed for performance Freeride level blasting. The relative low weight makes this rig easy to uphaul. Highly recommended to use in combination with the recommended mast to subtract maximum performance like early planning and upper end control.​


  • Unifiber Maverick Sail - light but high performance Bump&Jump / Freeride
  • Unifiber Enduro Mast with 40% carbon content, build with Pre-Preg technology
  • Unifiber Aluminium Freeride Boom
  • Unifiber Aluminium Extension V2

1. Unifiber Maverick Sail

New for 2018 season. Light and high performance. Smaller sizes are made for Bump & Jump conditions (4 or 5 battens). Bigger sizes 6.5 and 7.3 are designed for faster freeride windsurfing (6 battens).

Click here for detailed information about Maverick Sails

2. Unifiber Enduro 40% Carbon Mast

Masts selected for these rig picks are all real 40% carbon masts, build with pre-preg technology, like those top expensive 100% carbon models. All sizes have correct IMCS stiffness, acurate for the sail size and are almost impossible to break for their purpose. This is very important to mention as most of other rigs from other manufacturers are either using Epoxy masts or Epoxy masts labelled as “carbon” masts, which have lower real IMCS specification which make it harder to get on the plane for adult users. 
Rigs in sizes 4.0 to 5.8 are sold with RDM masts while rigs in sizes 6.5 and 7.3 are equipped with SDM mast.

Click here for detailed information about Enduro SDM Masts

3. Unifiber Aluminium T8 Boom

T8 Aluminium boom from Unifiber with boom-head adapting direct on RDM or SDM mast. Durable, light and with large length adjustment range. 

Click here for detailed information about Aluminium T8 Booms

4. Unifiber V2 Aluminium Mast Extension

Light and durable aluminium mast extension with U-pin base (other name Euro-pin). Fits all standard base plates with single pin. Here in the packages we supply the 30 cm long extensions and depending on the size of the sail, we add RDM or SDM version in order to fit properly with dedicated mast. Of course the extensions are equipped with downhaul rope.

Click here for detailed information about Aluminium V2 Extensions

Free shipping when ordered with boards

Do you know that when a Maverick rig is ordered (no matter the size) together with any Windsurfing board, we will send you the rig totally free of charge? You'll pay only for the shipping cost referred to your ordered windsurf board. 
Unfortunately rigs are too big and too complicated in packing to send them to you free of charge if you order rig only.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

No. During ordering this is not possible, as our system has fixed sizes, corresponding to selected sail’s size. But it’s possible after placing your order - just inform us what you want to exchange.

No, the uphaul is not in the set, but you can easily order it with the rig as an add-ons, at a very competitive price.

Allen key is necessary to tighten the battens of your Maveric sail.

For the basic windsurfing lessons or for just cruising with very low wind - no. But once you start planning and will windsurf in stronger winds - yes, they help alot. Please choose some adjustable for the beginning, to find what size is best for you.

No, the rig is completed with ropes you need - the downhaul rope is with the extension and outhaul rope at boom.

No. There’s only White/Orange.


For instant answer - open the chat and ask your question. We're active 9.00-17.00 CET.

Is it afterhours? ​No problem - leave us a message and we’ll respond early the next day.

​+48 513 020 570

For those who prefer phone calls - that's our number. You can give us a ring between 9.00-17.00 CET.


The Maveric Rigs are based on hight quality Unifiber components only:

Maverick 4.0 Enduro EVO RDM C40 Constant Curve 340 Aluminium ENTRY 140 - 190 RDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30
Maverick 4.5 Enduro EVO RDM C40 Constant Curve 370 Aluminium ENTRY 140 - 190 RDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30
Maverick 5.1 Enduro EVO RDM C40 Constant Curve 400 Aluminium ENTRY 160 - 210 RDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30
Maverick 5.8 Enduro EVO RDM C40 Constant Curve 430 Aluminium ENTRY 160 - 210 RDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30
Maverick 6.5 Enduro EVO SDM C40 Constant Curve 430 Aluminium ENTRY 180 - 230 SDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30
Maverick 7.3 Enduro EVO SDM C40 Constant Curve 460 Aluminium ENTRY 180 - 230 SDM V2 Aluminium (U-Pin) 30

Specification of Maverick Sails:

4.0 4 156 0 24 366 RDM Constant Curve 340 Fixed 2.72
4.5 4 164 0 20 390 RDM Constant Curve 370 Fixed 2.91
5.1 4 176 0 14 414 RDM Constant Curve 400 Fixed 3.14
5.8 5 186 0 14 444 RDM Constant Curve 430 Fixed 3.59
6.5 6 192 0 24 454 SDM Constant Curve 430 Fixed 4.34
7.3 6 210 0 16 476 SDM Constant Curve 460 Fixed 4.74
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