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Ear plugs with case SurfEars 3.0
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Ear plugs with case SurfEars 3.0
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SurfEars Junior earplugs are the new generation of a great product that has gained wide popularity all over the world. Thanks to the thin membrane, the earplugs keep water out of the ear, protecting it from all the diseases and ailments associated with liquid in the ear. In addition, the membrane allows sound to pass through without causing discomfort with disorientation to water and disruption to the vagus.

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Protecting children's ears today can prevent problems in the future. SurfEars Junior earplugs are specially designed for young adventurers. Not only do they protect against potential ear problems, they also ensure that children can hear clearly, enhancing their experience in the water. With SurfEars Junior, safety is combined with fun. Children can easily communicate and enjoy their time in the water while being confident that their ears are protected.

SurfEars Junior provide a protective barrier against prolonged contact with water, reducing the risk of developing conditions such as'surfer's ear' (exostosis) and 'swimmer's ear' (otitis externa), which can result from repeated contact with water and cause discomfort and hearing problems.

By effectively sealing the ear canal, the earplugs minimise the entry of irritants, contaminants and water-borne pathogens that can cause infections, inflammation and complications in the ear, promoting long-term ear health.

Comes with a handy case with carabiner, replaceable silicone tip and a leash to prevent the earplugs from getting lost.

Product highlights

Uncompromised Hearing

SurfEars offer exceptional protection for your ears without sacrificing your ability to hear the surrounding environment, allowing you to fully immerse in your surfing experience while staying attuned to fellow surfers and safety cues

Retained Balance

Designed to maintain your natural balance, SurfEars earplugs leave your full senses intact, allowing you to focus on your passion without distraction

Customizable Comfort

With interchangeable parts in multiple sizes, SurfEars earplugs ensure a personalized and secure fit, granting you unmatched comfort during extended water activities

Highly Versatile

Perfectly suited for a range of aquatic pursuits, SurfEars earplugs are ideal for surfing, swimming, white water kayaking, diving, wakeboarding and more, providing outstanding protection across various water sports

Durable and Reliable

Designed in Sweden and crafted from high-quality materials, SurfEars earplugs are built to withstand the abuse of the toughest water activities, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and peace of mind while you enjoy your water sports

Prevention of Surfer’s Ear and Swimmer’s Ear

SurfEars provides a protective barrier against prolonged water exposure, reducing the risk of developing conditions like surfer’s ear (exostosis) and swimmer’s ear (otitis externa), which can result from repeated water exposure and cause discomfort and hearing issues


Silicone tips in various sizes

Silicone tips are included in various sizes to guarantee a perfect fit

Rubber case with carabiner

The handy case is the ideal solution for storing earplugs when travelling, in class or on a daily basis. It has drainage holes and a practical carabiner to attach them to a backpack, for example.

Acoustic mesh

Special membrane lets sound pass through without disturbing the acoustics

Simple differentiation of plugs

Plugs in two contrasting colours for easy differentiation: red - left, turquoise - right

Set components

  • Set of plugs
  • Rubber case with carabiner
  • Silicone tips
  • Leash to prevent loss of plugs


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