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  • Double tip
  • Made of selected wood
  • Polyurethane coating
  • For children who start out with a skimboard
  • It does not require waxing
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  • Dimensions: 94 x 43 cm
  • Shape: Twin Tip
  • User weight: Up to 45 kg

PAKALOLO Skimboard Crown Vanlife Skimboard for teenagers and adults. The board is light and easy to use. The board is intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced users weighing up to 55 kg. Skimboard Twintip is perfect for freestyle and makes it easier to perform complex maneuvers. PAKALOLO skimboards are made of selected high-quality wood, thermally shaped to obtain the appropriate stiffness and profile. Covered with a multi-layer, abrasion-resistant and water-resistant polyurethane coating. The twintip shape eliminates the concept of the bow and stern of the skim. The symmetrical profile gives the board sufficient elasticity and high impact. Thanks to the rounded edge of the bottom of the board, the skim's life is increased in contact with the elements on which you perform the stunts. If you are a fan of skimboarding or want to start your adventure with this sport


  • Symetric Rocker - The board has a symmetrical profile that gives the board sufficient elasticity and high pop. No matter where the front or the rear!
  • Transparent Grip - A special anti-skid on the deck provides maximum grip for the feet, similar to a skateboard. You don't have to play with wax anymore.
  • Smooth Rail - The edge of the bottom of the board is gently rounded, minimizing jibbing resistance and extending the life of the board edge.
  • Nose and Tail - TwinTip boards have a wider nose and tail to improve their ride characteristics in slightly deeper water.
  • Core - Since 2012, it consists of 3 layers of plywood arranged longitudinally, which improves the stiffness of the profile (better control of the board on boxes and rails).


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