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Kiteboarding TRICKTIONARY Book - EN / ES / IT / DE / FR / RU
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Kiteboarding TRICKTIONARY Book - EN / ES / IT / DE / FR / RU

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After more than 3 years, finally this extremely comprehensive brand new Windsurfing Tricktionary book is finished! Countless hours of detail work have gone into this book and we believe it is important to have and study it for windsurfers of every level!


  • 480 pages (188 more than Tricktionary 2 and +250 pages more than Tricktionary 1!)
  • 7 main chapters: Basics, Slalom, Light Wind Freestyle, Planning Freestyle, Jumping Freestyle, Wave
  • Extremely detailed high focus moves: Super Basics, Fast Tack, Power Jibe, Duck Jibe, 360s, Chop Hop, Speed Loop, Air Jibe, Wave Basics, Wave Riding.
  • Important: More than half of the book consists of non-jumping moves/topics!
  • Available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German and French (For now unfortunately we have only English version)


    • Equipment overview, trim and tuning guide.
    • Expanded beginner part
    • Beachstart and Waterstart are focus-chapters!
    • Very detailed Basic Shortboarding part with planning, posture, trim and other technique tips.
    • Safe Windsurfing
    • Kids & Youth special
    • Huge gear tuning section
    • Rigging slalom sails
    • Trim Troubleshooting guide
    • Start and jibing tactics
    • Completely renewed with lots of never seen tips and tricks.
    • Sail Chi (sail handling exercises ashore)
    • All the basics like Clew First, Fin First, Back to Back, Backwinded
    • All the Non Planing Tacks, Non Planing Jibes, Non Planing Upwind and Downwind 360s and many more.
    • Flowstyle chapter with Caesar Finies
    • Railriding
    • Tacks, Jibes and Oldschool Moves in this chapter.
    • Very important focus moves in detail, such as Fast Tack, Power Jibe, Duck Jibe, 360s
    • Focus moves in detail such as Jumping Basics, Chop Hop, Speed Loop, Air Jibe
    • Also expanded alternative jumping freestyle entrance moves such as Willy Skipper, Flaka, Clew First Puneta.
    • All other Jumping moves and their Variations in subchapters such as Spocks, Grubbies, Willy Skippers, Flakas, Ponches, Shakas, Shove it's, Esliders, PUnetas, Chachoos, Funnells, Bob, Toad, Clocks and Kicker moves.
    • Power Freestyle Superbasics with Ducking normal stance and switch stance.
    • All the latest "Power Moves" seen in the World Cup
    • Big Air Power Moves
  • WAVE
    • Strongly enhanced wave basics chapter.
    • Wave riding in never seen detail.
    • Wave jumping basics.
    • All the Wave jumping moves
    • Special Wave jumps such as Cheese Roll Back Loop or Push Forward.


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