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UNIFIBER Inflatable Windsurf Board iWindsurf Experience 280 (Pre-laminated Dropstitch Technology)
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UNIFIBER Windsurf board Rookie II with Daggerboard

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The Coolrider is great for entry level riders. It is used by multiple windsurfing schools and allow you to progress fast, easily and safely. If you want to start your adventure with windsurfing you couldn’t find better board. It’s stable, wide, and has deck covered in EVA foam so you can’t slip or hurt yourself during fall. You also can use it as low wind freestyle board and have fun in light winds. Handle on the nose makes carrying the board much easier and more comfortable. Also the rubber protect board from rocks and drops which makes the Coolrider very durable. For more freeride feel board has deep front V and flat rocker. The dagger board allow you to ride upwind much easier!

Coolrider Technology

Set includes

  • Tabou Coolrider board
  • Fin
  • Dagger
  • Footstraps
  • Screws


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