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  • Sizes: 21 / 23 / 25
  • Type: Wave

The aim has been reached !

Making fast and easy wave fins offering extreme maneuverability, the best grip on wide ranges of speed, passing of foams in contact, nervousness for jump takeoffs, important speed course on spots with a lot of side current.


  • Less curved outline
  • Immediate power
  • Amazing speed in all sailing conditions


  • Moulded pre-preg process.
Fin Selector

The selectors below will help you choose the proper fin length, depending on:

  • Your sailing program
  • Width and volume of your board
  • Sail size
  • Your weight

The size of your fin plays a major role - your fin is your propeller. Fin transmits the energy captured by the sail and generates a push which propels your board forwards.
The balance between your sail, your board and your fin must be perfect.

So, here are the steps:

  • Choose the right volume/width of your board
  • Choose the correct sail size
  • Identify the colour dot matching your weight range
  • The combination of these four factors will give you the correct fin length

Example : 115 Liters Slalom board with 7.8 sail and a weight of 83 KG = 41 cm



The Power DELTA replaces both AW Race and DELTA range.
2 rakes are availables :

  • 40° : For shallow spots covered with seaweed
  • 50° : For cleaner spots. A less raked fin with more balanced support



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Model Size Discipline Material Available Boxes Weight Type
Shock Wave 21.5 cm Freemove / Wave G10 Power / US 0.31 kg Normal
Shock Wave 23 cm Freemove / Wave G10 Power / US 0.34 kg Normal
Shock Wave 25 cm Freemove / Wave G10 Power / US 0.36 kg Normal
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