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  • Sizes: 29 / 31 / 33 / 35 / 37 / 39 / 41
  • Type: Slalom / Freerace / Freeride

An easy, high-performance and nimble hybrid fin with an excellent performance to avoid spin out.


  • Very easy to ride!
  • Profile based on the S1 Slam
  • Very confortable in choppy conditions
  • High speed potential


  • Moulded pre-preg process.
Fin Selector

The selectors below will help you choose the proper fin length, depending on:

  • Your sailing program
  • Width and volume of your board
  • Sail size
  • Your weight

The size of your fin plays a major role - your fin is your propeller. Fin transmits the energy captured by the sail and generates a push which propels your board forwards.
The balance between your sail, your board and your fin must be perfect.

So, here are the steps:

  • Choose the right volume/width of your board
  • Choose the correct sail size
  • Identify the colour dot matching your weight range
  • The combination of these four factors will give you the correct fin length

Example : 115 Liters Slalom board with 7.8 sail and a weight of 83 KG = 41 cm



The Power DELTA replaces both AW Race and DELTA range.
2 rakes are availables :

  • 40° : For shallow spots covered with seaweed
  • 50° : For cleaner spots. A less raked fin with more balanced support



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ModelSizeDisciplineMaterialAvailable BoxesWeightType
Edge Free Slam29 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.28 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam31 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.30 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam33 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.32 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam35 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.35 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam37 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.38 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam39 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.40 kgNormal
Edge Free Slam41 cmFreerace / FreerideGFKPower / Tuttle / Trim0.43 kgNormal
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