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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Slalom Race Carbon
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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Slalom Weed

ATTENTION: Some Carbon fins are being produced right after an order was placed. We only have some fins in stock. Because of the production site in Germany we can guarantee an estimated delivery time of max. 4 weeks. If the timing is crucial, please contact us to get additional information on specific delivery times for your choice.


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  • Sizes: 20 / 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 34 / 36 / 38 / 40
  • Discipline: Slalom
  • Type: Antiweed

The Weed version of the Slalom-Race-Carbon fin is the ultimate weed fin. The characteristics and performance are nearly identical to the straight version, Controllable under extreme conditions, very fast and really powerful.

Best suited: Slalom/ Race under weedy conditions.

The size recommendations should help you to determine the correct fin considering individual board and sail sizes. This general advice is based on a rider's weight of 80 kg. Any 10 kg more/less should in-/decrease your choice to nhe next available fin size. All advice is meant as guideline only. The individual fin choice also depends on factors like experience/skill level, board width, conditions etc.

Maui Ultra Fins Brochures 2018

Brochure EN

Brochure DE


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ModelSize (cm)DisciplineAvailable boxesMaterialWeight (kg)Area (cm2)Fin coverMultifin
Slalom Race Carbon Weed20Slalom/ RacePower / TuttleCarbon0.30233
Slalom Race Carbon Weed22Slalom/ RacePower / TuttleCarbon0.34255
Slalom Race Carbon Weed24Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.42286
Slalom Race Carbon Weed26Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.42318
Slalom Race Carbon Weed28Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.46348
Slalom Race Carbon Weed30Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.50377
Slalom Race Carbon Weed32Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.56411
Slalom Race Carbon Weed34Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.57446
Slalom Race Carbon Weed36Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.60481
Slalom Race Carbon Weed38Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.63517
Slalom Race Carbon Weed40Slalom/ RacePower / Tuttle / DeepTuttleCarbon0.66553
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