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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Delta-XT
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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Ride

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  • Sizes: 22 / 24 / 26 / 28 / 30 / 32
  • Discipline: Freeride
  • Type: Normal

Maui Ultra Nospin features a very special profile that allows high angles of attack without spin-outs. The fin creates a counterforce when too much pressure is applied. That keeps you out of trouble and makes you a better sailor. Breath-taking upwind performance.

Best suited: All conditions, bump&jump, heavy riders

The size recommendations should help you to determine the correct fin considering individual board and sail sizes. This general advice is based on a rider's weight of 80 kg. Any 10 kg more/less should in-/decrease your choice to nhe next available fin size. All advice is meant as guideline only. The individual fin choice also depends on factors like experience/skill level, board width, conditions etc.

Maui Ultra Fins Brochures 2018

Brochure EN

Brochure DE


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ModelSize (cm)DisciplineAvailable boxesMaterialWeight (kg)Area (cm2)Fin coverMultifin
Nospin Cross22Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.31165
Nospin Cross24Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.39184
Nospin Cross26Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.40203
Nospin Cross28Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.45222
Nospin Cross30Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.47241
Nospin Cross32Freeride / FreemovePower / Tuttle / USG100.50260
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