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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Delta-Slalom
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MAUI ULTRA Windsurf Fin Delta-Speed

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  • Sizes: 22 / 24 / 27 / 30
  • Discipline: Slalom
  • Type: Delta

Ambitious slalom sailors who want to go fast in shallow waters or very weedy spots should go for the Delta Slalom.

Due to the wider base, the fin length can almost be halved compared to straight fins. The Delta Slalom allows excellent upwind runs, is very fast and the high rake offers increased safety in shallow conditions.

Best suited: Slalom in shallow waters and for extremely weedy conditions

The carbon version is extremely light and aims for bigger boards, up to Formula race boards.

Tuning tip for Delta fins: Avoid too much back-foot pressure – especially when not fully planing – and keep the board fairly flat (nose down). That will help you to avoid spin-outs.

The size recommendations should help you to determine the correct fin considering individual board and sail sizes. This general advice is based on a rider's weight of 80 kg. Any 10 kg more/less should in-/decrease your choice to nhe next available fin size. All advice is meant as guideline only. The individual fin choice also depends on factors like experience/skill level, board width, conditions etc.

Maui Ultra Fins Brochures 2018

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Model Size (cm) Discipline Available boxes Material Weight (kg) Area (cm2) Fin cover Multifin
Delta Slalom Carbon 22 Slalom / Race Power / Tuttle Carbon 0.47 418
Delta Slalom Carbon 24 Slalom / Race Power / Tuttle Carbon 0.56 492
Delta Slalom Carbon 27 Slalom / Race Power / Tuttle Carbon 0.58 571
Delta Slalom Carbon 30 Slalom / Race Tuttle Carbon 0.64 696
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