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MAUI ULTRA Fin Delta-Slalom

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  • Sizes: 18 / 20 / 22 / 24
  • Discipline: Freeride
  • Type: Delta

With the Delta wing series Maui Ultra has introduced a completely new category of fins. Inspired by the aeronautic Delta wings, Rick has transferred the special aerodynamic features to windsurfing applications:

  • very short wing span combined with a large area
  • very thin and stiff profiles
  • high rake of 55 degrees
  • additional lift due to leading edge vortex at high angles of attack

All these features make the Delta fins the ultimate tool for shallow spots, extremely weedy conditions and speed sailing. Compared to a straight freeride or slalom fin, the fin length can almost be halved. Combined with the high rake, the danger of injury by touching ground is greatly reduced. Speed sailors can finally use the flat conditions of tidal waters for even higher speeds.

Delta wings are fast, easy to control, have great upwind abilities and jibe great in wide and medium arcs.

In order to reduce weight designers have made this version with honeycomb inlay.

Tuning tip for Delta fins: Avoid too much back-foot pressure – especially when not fully planing – and keep the board fairly flat (nose down). That will help you to avoid spin-outs.

The size recommendations should help you to determine the correct fin considering individual board and sail sizes. This general advice is based on a rider's weight of 80 kg. Any 10 kg more/less should in-/decrease your choice to nhe next available fin size. All advice is meant as guideline only. The individual fin choice also depends on factors like experience/skill level, board width, conditions etc.


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Model Size (cm) Discipline Available boxes Material Weight (kg) Area (cm2) Fin cover Multifin
Delta Honeycomb 18 Freeride / Freerace / Speed Power / Tuttle G10 0.41 287
Delta Honeycomb 20 Freeride / Freerace / Speed Power / Tuttle G10 0.49 350
Delta Honeycomb 22 Freeride / Freerace / Speed Power / Tuttle G10 0.73 418
Delta Honeycomb 24 Freeride / Freerace / Speed Power / Tuttle G10 0.76 492
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