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Gaastra Flash is wave board made to shine in side-onshore conditions confronted especially in Europe. This board can move very fast through flats as well as dominates medium to big waves without any problem. It`s a great board for advanced riders but it can also adapt to less experienced riders who love a thrill. It performance the best in strapless style of riding, but you can easily add foot straps anytime you want thanks to inserts on the board.

With Flash big and strong waves are now easy to catch and possible to ride, not only by the pros. Board is forgiving thanks to wider outlines, which also gives superior stability. 2016 model features relatively narrow tail section that allow you to make fast and tight turns and still remain in maximum control. For control in between turns and extra lift, designers used classic winger tail design which creates more surface area. Enhanced stability, fast and smooth glide are assured by slight concave bottom shape. The Flash can both push you upwind with speed and give you great downwind cruise. The continuous curve rocker line provide accurate control in waves and flats. The board`s wider stance setup and extra volume increases performance and grant comfort and stability to the rider in every conditions. This board has been designed for medium to big waves but it also will handle small waves with ease. Rockers assures superior planning, great speed and impressive upwind performance. Built with fiberglass sandwich construction with deck and hull wood reinforcements in stress areas. This construction makes board very responsive and gives optimal strength to weight ratio.


1 Nonskid, Artwork, Paint
2 Glass Cloth
3 Bamboo Wood
4 Fiberglass
6 Fiberglass Reinforcement
7 Bullet Proof EPS Core


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