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GA Race is highest quality, uncompromising performance boom. Made 100% out of carbon fiber. Provides the best performance on the water. It’s extremely stiff, lightweight and durable. Fulfil needs of professional riders on the highest, world class level. Grip diameter is 32mm. Wide tail allows you to easily rig racing sail with cams without leaning it on boom. Also it gives better profile to the sail. The monocoque moulded tail with integrated pulleys is super light and ultra stiff considerably reducing the swing weight which is a very important factor for jibing around the race course. The grip covers are only up to certain point to make it as light as possible. The boom provides strong, solid and comfortable grip. Available in three sizes with adjustable length - 180, 200 and 200cm.


  • 100% carbon
  • Wide tail
  • Grip covers up to certain point to save weight
  • Integrated pulleys on tail for fast and easy trim
  • Extremely lightweight, stiff and durable
  • Made in monocoque technology
  • Available in three sizes with adjustable length
  • Wide tail makes it easy to rig cam racing sails


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What can I say. Uncompromising racing machines. Stiff, lightweight, with good clamp and tip. I'm glad that I'm finally sponsored by a company that makes good booms.
180-230 cm 32.2 mm 2.92 kg Carbon
200 -260 cm 32.2 mm 3.24 kg Carbon
220-280 cm 32.2 mm 3.64 kg Carbon
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